Best Deals Of Makeup Brands that you can Take Advantage of Right Now!

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Some people think that buying quality makeup will cost them a small fortune. While it’s true that makeup can be expensive, especially the good ones, makeup brands regularly hold promos and discounts that will get you the best deals and allow you to save money. Below is a list of some of the best deals of makeup brands that you can take advantage of right now.

Luxe Beauty brushes

Luxe Beauty is a homegrown brand from Singapore. It was launched in 2014 by Tammy Hyunh. It’s a vegan brand so naturally, it doesn’t test on animals. The brand also doesn’t use synthetic ingredients in their products. And even though it’s a relatively new brand, it has already gained the attention of some celebrities. In fact, both Kylie Jenner and Jadey Wadey are fans of the brand’s brushes. And speaking of brushes, you can get them for as low as $19. Now that’s quite a deal considering that these are brushes that celebrities are using.

These brushes are made only from the finest materials. And many swear by their capability to produce flawless-looking skin. Apart from brushes., they have other products as well and all of them are reasonably-priced. Luxe Beauty is doing well not only in the Asian market but also in the North American, South American, and European markets.

Daiso eyebrow pencil

You probably don’t usually go to Daiso to make up. But you should. You probably know already that Daiso sells very affordable products. So you can just imagine how affordable their make up items are. But are they any good? According to many people, yes. The quality is even comparable to more established make up brands such as Maybelline or L’Oreal that you can get from local drugstores such as Guardian or Watsons.

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One of the products that you should pay attention to is their eyebrow pencil, which sells for only $2. That’s just a fraction of the price of the eyebrow pencils from more famous brands. But these brow pencils work just as well and are more than enough to solve all of your eyebrow problems.


Mustafa is a mega store where you can get almost anything you need and want. Yes, including make up. And one of the reasons why Mustafa is always crowded is because the products there are very affordable. So if you are in the hunt for great deals on makeup brands, Mustafa is one of the stores you need to check out.

Being an Indian store, they have exotic and obscure Indian brands that offer the same quality as more famous brands. One of the brands that you need to check out is Lakme. It is actually a well-known makeup brand in India and it has excellent lipsticks that you can get for just $7.80.

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WHOO gift set at iShopChangi

If you buy WHOO products worth at least $200 from iShopChangi, you get a four-piece gift set. When you shop at iShopChangi, you get an instant discount because the products there are duty-free.

These are some of the best deals of makeup brands that you can take advantage of right now!

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