4 Best US cities To Buy a Real Estate Property in 2019

What do the best places to purchase real estate property for growing equity and boosting cash flow have in common? Increase in population, improvement in the state of job market and affordability are the 3 common factors. If you successfully find out a market which has got all the 3 aforementioned factors, you will most likely get the best investment opportunities. Are you looking forward to buying a real estate property within the US? If answered yes, there are plenty of cities all over the US where all the 3 factors exist still today and where you can buy rental property for high cash flow to end up watching your equity grow.

In this post, we will give you a list of the ‘best buy’ real estate markets within the US for 2019. Get to know what makes them so great.

#1: Orlando, Florida

Orlando is called the ‘Sunshine State’ and there is an ever-increasing demand for single-family homes. You can still get properties which are fully renovated under $156,000. Something that will be of more interest to you is that in spite of these immensely low housing prices all over this state, there are several home-seekers who are choosing to rent instead of buying. Hence, the rental rockets will reach sky-high levels and this is predicted to continue to increase throughout 2019. Moreover, the insurance and property taxes are also low.

#2: Austin, Texas

Though the housing market in Austin isn’t the biggest in Texas, yet there are several reasons to consider buying a property here. Austin’s stable and diverse economy offers multiple jobs to techies and this is one of the noteworthy strengths of this city. The population of Austin is also booming due to the influx of college students who are coming into this city. The best part about Austin is that their housing market is also pretty landlord-friendly.

#3: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Metro area boasts of a population of around 2.4 million and thereby is the 22nd largest nation in the whole world. With 446 bridges, Pittsburgh is known as the ‘City of Bridges’. There are many big corporations which assist this place to retain the stability of its growing and moderate economy. Pittsburgh’s economy is based entirely on education, healthcare, robotics, technology, glass, financial services to name a few. For growth and redevelopment, it is one of the top 10 housing markets in the US.

#4: Boston, MA

According to the report of Emerging Trends, Boston takes the first place at the top 10 real estate and housing markets in the whole nation. Resilience is something that has been the strength of the Boston housing market and in fact it is also one among the 10 cities which survived the recent housing crash. Due to the countless numbers of tourist destinations in Boston, this has become one of the best places to buy a real estate property. There are also predictions of employment growth at a rate which is almost near the national average of US.

So, if you’re trying your best to look for a city which can give you the most appropriate environment for a rental property, you may take into account all the above listed options. Consider the reasons behind the popularity of each city.

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