Best Weight Loss Programs of 2017

Ladies, let me guess, are you struggling with excessive weight? Maybe, this problem is not so fatal, but stretch marks ruin the whole image or some fat rolls make your hips look less sunk in, in those jeans? Well, hopefully, it’s not 19th century, so losing kilograms shouldn’t be a problem.

Humanity has come a long way before people invented some high-quality and well-thought diets with a good vitamin source, exercise programs and released millions of online courses. The difference lies in the effectiveness of those programs. Some women rant about long and exhausting trainings that cause zero results. We present you weight loss programs which are praised for effectiveness:

1. Aerobic training

This type of weight loss program appeared in late 80’s and is staying popular even in 2017. The most effective way to burn calories during a workout is to increase the heart rate for a long period of time. Aerobic exercises are very successful in coping with this task, oxygenating your body and forcing you to sweat a lot. Sweating leads to getting rid of your fat cells.

Moderate cardio exercises like walking, cycling, aerobics give the ability to burn approximately 280-540 calories per hour, depending on the level of physical fitness and your weight.

More energetic aerobic exercises like climbing, jumping, fast running, active roller skating allows you to burn 550-1200 calories per hour.

For proper loss of weight, you have to spend at least 30 minutes on cardiovascular exercises daily.

2. Proper nutrition program for losing weight

The appropriate diet is 70% of the success.

Have you ever heard of a nutrition pyramid? It contains essential products for your health and body. You know you eat right when:

– about 40% of your diet consists of vegetables (not potatoes because they are easy carbs) and fruits (except bananas, grapes);

– another 20% are cereals, granola, potatoes, beets, sweet and dried fruits, bread made from flour of coarse grains;

– 20% – these are sources of protein – meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk and dairy products;

– 10% – fats, seeds, nuts;

– and the remaining 10% are “sweet treats”, which is not too useful, but definitely very tasty.

You can make your daily diet according to this list, the caloric content of which depends on the level of YOUR OWN energy consumption. For example, during the gym day you can increase a number of complex carbohydrates, allow yourself to eat something delicious (of course, in a sensible amount). But in calm resting days, it’s best not to overdo it with calories as they all will smoothly set aside on the hips and stomach.

3. Weight loss plan for 30 days. The interval program

This is so far the most famous way to lose weight. It is highly appreciated by Hollywood celebrities. It can be hardcore, but very effective.

During the 30 day program, you will find that each training becomes easier than the previous one. This means that your body is becoming more trained.

Nevertheless, it also means that you will start burning fewer calories unless you change your workout. Performing high-speed interval training will help you sharply increase the heart rate, resulting in burning more calories. Every few minutes perform a maximum burst of activity and, for about 30 seconds, do your exercise at the most energetic pace that you can develop. The program claims that 30 minutes of interval training must be performed at least 3-4 times a week.


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