Bigg Boss 10: Tips For the Common Man to Catch Limelight in the Show!

Image Courtesy: @BiggBoss via Twitter

Amidst all political chaos the expensive electronic media and message are now inter-twinned together to broadcast the U.S. tracking poll results through Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikileaks and other social media monsters. The whole Indian nation is too enjoying Bigg Boss 10 on Colors which is, in fact, the most awaited and viewed reality show as always.

Basically, the famous show has now become the new talking point because these times there are two different breeds of contender’s magic prevailing. It’s celebs vs. common men or India wale which has now become India wale vs. India wale. These underdogs are now labeled as gande log of slums.

Image Courtesy: @BiggBoss via Twitter
Image Courtesy: @BiggBoss via Twitter

Normally, many contestants are chosen for this show on the basis of few differential parameters like celebrities and fashion men who have lost their TRPs or people who are either failures or have been victimized in some recent controversies in their recent past careers.

One can find many personalities who participated earlier in the shows are still remembered more than winners because of their uniqueness. They took the show by storm and adopted many strategies which the audience loved.

Bigg Boss 10: Celebrities VS Common Men

In my opinion, the gangs are celebrities are playing well. The common men are not up to the mark because they are fighting and shouting like cats and dogs although most of them have seen and analyzed the previous seasons back to back.

They must understand a common philosophy that people love to see celebrities fighting with each other because they are all stars and people have seen their positive images in silver screens and they are interested to know their loopholes and dark sides.

We are not interested to watch a mango man entangling with another. It catches no TRP and will not add on any top up to your infamous image. Most of them are not having any macho images too. Only the people who know you personally will vote in your favor.

But if a well-known star does this then it can be absolutely electrifying. It’s all about exposing the real self, Id and ego of an uncommon man. They need to play bold and should be more matured.

Only Swami Omji’s tantric comedy is catching bit limelight in the show. Otherwise, the delusional mind and pound of flesh of these idiots have really made the show too boring. I am actually a diehard fan of this reality show and have never missed a single episode of the previous so many seasons since inception.

All that I have realized that a person can only be a winner of these kinds of shows provided he or she can gel well with 35 odd and even people from diversified backgrounds. 

More or less these Indians, I don’t know how come they have been chosen to enter into a national platform, have serious adaptability issues. They are not at all feeling comfortable to even talk with the celebrities. These unknown faces need to work out on this factor too if they wish to continue longer.

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If you delink Salman Khan’s X factor, the name of Bigg Boss 10 should be replaced with Boring Boss 10. Oh Lord! Save the poor guys for the reason that they don’t kno w what exactly they are doing. A person who really wants to be the winner has to take a stand with some valid reasons and in almost in all cases the proposition is lacking without complete validity.

Most of them are sounding bad because of their annoying voices too. Girls are sounding dogs and boys making cat screaming. No! Not again. The concept is good but it’s getting lackluster. The charm is lost and lust is not found in simply in simple terms. 

I would predict anyone from these celebrities is going to be the winner of this season again. The common men will be shown their real doors. The powerful target audience is going to decide the title.

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