BJP IT Cell Coordinator gets Arrested for Helping ISI And they issue Certificates of Nationalism to Us???

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So, your Members (BJP IT Cell) send information about the Indian Army to ISI…

Your Members throw meat near Temples while wearing Burkha…

Your Members keep bringing up the Mandir Masjid issue to create disharmony in the Country….

Your Members give inflammatory speeches to destroy the social fabric of the Country…

Your Members Engineer riots in the country….

Your Members compare death of Dalits with Dogs coming under a car…..

Your Members go about on Social Media issuing death threats and rape threats to Women….

Your Members Honor the criminal who assassinated the Father of the Nation……

Your Members refuse to hoist the Indian National Flag but worship the saffron flag instead……

And then YOU take it upon yourself to decide who is a Patriot??

When patRIOTs like you issue the certificate of ” Anti-National ” to me, it makes me even more proud to be an Indian.

If I am an Anti National in the eyes of those who harbor people sending sensitive Army information to Pakistan, amongst all the other things mentioned above, then I must be doing something very very RIGHT!!!

This post on BJP IT Cell was first published by author Darshan Mondkar on his facebook timeline.

Disclaimer: UNESCO has declared BJP as the First Indian Political Party to get an ISI mark, just a few minutes back. Feel Proud and Share. #DhruvSaxenaBewafaaHain

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