The Growing Use of Blockchain in Mainstream Business

blockain in mainstream business

The average person’s knowledge of blockchain economies probably ends at Bitcoin. However, companies in a wide variety of industries are utilizing the technology in new and exciting ways. With new patent applications put in every day from some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, it’s clear that blockchain has already entered the mainstream business world. In the next decade, nearly every industry is likely to adopt blockchain in some way in order to streamline its processes.

blockchain technology in business

Improving Healthcare For Seniors

Too many senior citizens experience subpar care as they age. GladAge is a blockchain platform that allows the elderly to purchase healthcare services from a vetted selection of caregivers as well as healthcare equipment. This platform puts their care back into their own hands, as they can choose healthcare providers and equipment based on their needs and preferences, from meal delivery to transportation to caregiving. Because everything is on one blockchain platform, users get the benefit of reduced costs and a streamlined process.

Boosting Loyalty Programs

Companies have been using customer loyalty programs for decades but blockchain is putting a new twist on the idea. Burger King Russia recently introduced Whoppercoin, a digital currency added to customers’ digital wallets with every ruble they spend. Whoppercoin can be saved and later redeemed for a free Whopper sandwich as well as traded with other users. The ease of use and flexibility makes the program more enticing to customers than the old-fashioned punch card approach. 

Reducing the Trade of Illicit Diamonds

No one wants to pay thousands of dollars for a diamond that turns out to be fake, low-quality, or are mined in conflict areas. UK company Everledger logs real-time data across the diamond supply chain to track each stone’s provenance. So far over 2 million diamonds have been digitally encrypted into Everledger’s blockchain in attempts to verify quality and eventually completely stop the illicit diamond trade.

Protecting Artists’ Work

In today’s digital landscape, many artists find their work is being stolen online and used without their permission. Kodak through a brand license agreement with RYDE Holding who partnered with ICOx Innovations to create an image rights platform that allows professional photographers to take control of their work. KODAKOne, co-founded by entrepreneur Cameron Chell, is a blockchain-based licensing platform where artists can track the usage of their work, enforce copyrights, and get paid with KODAKCoin, a unique digital currency.

Ensuring Accurate Elections

From voting for the next American Idol to electing politicians, ensuring accurate, secure votes is more important than ever. Follow My Vote, a blockchain-powered online voting platform, hopes to capture votes and track their audit trail, ensuring votes are not changed or removed and that fraudulent votes are not added. While the idea of online voting might seem more vulnerable at first glance, the blockchain technology actually keeps votes more secure by providing transparency and reducing human error.

Tracking supply chains, creating individualized corporate currencies, reducing voter fraud; there are so many ways that companies are applying blockchain to their everyday business. Blockchain technologies are being used more and more to make industries from commerce to healthcare easier for both the companies and customers.

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