Renault or Maruti Suzuki? Key Features and Major Differences!

Photo Credits: Biswarup Ganguly via Wikimedia Commons

The hatchback segment in India is always overloaded with lots of car options for every type of car buyer. Customers get all kinds of small cars in this segment, ranging from low budget cars to premium hatches offering a bucketful of features. Two of the highest-selling small family cars in India are Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Renault car Kwid. While the French brand Renault offers only Kwid and Pulse in this segment, Maruti Suzuki has a lot of other offerings in small cars.

So, what do you need to know about these brands?


The French brand set its foot in India in the year 2005 and has not looked back ever since. With the launch of Renault Kwid, the brand entered in the hatchback segment in India and much to its advantage, the crossover hatch has been appreciated ever since. Interestingly, the sales of Kwid was a milestone for the company in India. Kwid was probably the first car to give a direct competition to Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 after so many years!

Photo Credits: Biswarup Ganguly via Wikimedia Commons

With the launch of Renault Duster, the company got strong in the market as its compact SUV competed against the already-established compact SUV models in India such as Hyundai Creta. Duster has been loved by the crowd so much that the brand keeps upgrading the car as per the latest technology. The launch of Captur has further aggregated the sales figures. Captur is considered as India’s most stylish SUV.

Renualt Cars: Advantages, Disadvantages

  • To make your drive classy and comfortable, Renault cars are upgraded timely with the updated technology including the latest safety features. Being a 115 year old global auto company, an extensive R&D is carried out when it comes to manufacturing the cars so that it can be driven on almost all the terrains.
  • The design of Renault cars is quite unique even if they fall in the same segment. For instance, the design of Kwid is quite different from Pulse and the same stands true for Duster and Captur. You get to see a variety in designs when it comes to Renault cars.
  • The after-sale value of Renault cars is not very good and there may be several factors contributing to that. The primary reasons being – a. less trust on the brand as it is relatively new in India b. as of now only 7 cars are available from this brand c. shortage of availability of genuine spare parts and brand service stations across India.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki has been the most-trusted car brands among Indian customers for many years now. Maruti Suzuki cars probably have the most emotional values attached to them than any other brand since these cars have found their place as the first cars in the majority of Indian families.

The brand understands Indian customers quite well and therefore offers a great amount of options in all categories of cars. This is the reason why Maruti Suzuki cars are the top choice of every person who is looking for low budget small family cars in India. Nevertheless, the brand rather believes in building experiences than cars. Every car is built thinking about the safety, convenience and expectations of the end users.

Photo Credits: Biswarup Ganguly [GFDL , CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Maruti Suzuki has been people’s unrivaled choice for so many years. But with the advent of other brands in competition, the brand had to upgrade its standards especially in terms of ergonomics and design. With this requirement, Maruti Suzuki launched its premium car range under the brand name of Nexa, which again brought a revolution in the already-flourishing sales figure of the brand. Nexa cars like Baleno, Vitara Brezza, Ciaz and Ignis were loved by the car lovers wholeheartedly.

Maruti Suzuki Cars: Advantages, Disadvantages

  • Maruti Suzuki cars comes with decent features on the design and technology fronts. The dedicated team keeps on working on the latest advancements so that the cars meet the demand of new age successfully.
  • Maruti Suzuki Nexa cars have flawless designs and this is the reason why it catches one’s attention whenever it passing by on the road.
  • The after-sale values of Maruti Suzuki cars are probably the best in India. The major factor behind this is the extreme trust that Indian customers have in this brand and the ability of the brand to keep up with it.
  • Maruti Suzuki makes sure to launch new cars in all categories every now and then which further adds to its brand value

These are the general and most basic differences between the car brands. For more similarities and differences between Renault cars and Maruti cars like WagonR India, you can check car comparing portals like Autoportal where they evaluate the cars going by their features, specifications and cost value.

Happy Driving!

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