Chandra Nandini Serial Story: Fake or Real? Know The Truth!

So, in few of our articles on Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini, there is a debate going on between folks in the comment section – Whether the story of Chandra Nandni is real or fake.

While, there has been lot of comments from both the sides to prove their point and highlight their side of the story, here we share whether the story is real or fake:

Historical Fictions Are Not Always Authentic

Ideally, a historical fiction whether a book, TV serial, or a feature film comprises of narratives that took place in the past, and is characterized mainly by an imaginative plot by proper reconstruction of personages and historical events.

Although this is true for all the literature on Indian history by foreign authors, the same stands void for Indian filmmakers and TV creative writers.

Yes, Indian tele makers have been taking too much liberty in showing historical events – so much that many of the things they show are purely fictional and imaginary. And the story of Chandra Nandini is no such exception. It is indeed an imaginary story.

Even the Timeline of Chandra Nandni Is Wrong: Chandragupta Maurya Fought With Dhana Nanda not Maha Padmanand

Following the timeline of historical events, personages and inserting creative angle is one thing, and changing the whole timeline just to feed the audience with masala entertainment is another. Chandra Nandni serial is following the later aspect which makes the entire serial fake.

For instance, Chandragupta Maurya fought Dhana Nanda not Mahapadma Nand. Interestingly, he wasn’t even alive during the era of the Mauryan Empire. However, the writers are projecting Dhana Nanda’s story on Mahapadma Nand.

Besides, Chandragupta Maurya married Helena much later when he was in his 40s unlike shown in the serial. Interestingly, Helena is made as the main queen here – the one who married first to Chandragupta even before Durdhara.

Everything about Nandni – The Warrior Princess of the Mauryan Era!

Now the question is –

Why Would the Makers Show Us Things Without Research?

Most of the viewers feel when we can know so much of history through books, and other sources on net, why would Ekta Kapoor and other producers show us crappy stuff when they can easily research about the past chronicles.

However, many of the viewers do not realize the fact that while our motive is knowledge and history, their motive is entertainment, business and TRP which they will get only by mismatching history with masala potboilers and sure short ingredients that they know will work 100% with the audience.

We hope this clears many things.

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