Choice VS Decision: Why Choice Is More Powerful Than Decision!

Me, my friend and her son went to an ice cream parlor to satiate our sweet cravings by enjoying some dollops of cream. Now since I was the hostess – I asked both of them what would they prefer – chocolate or vanilla?

My friend went in some deep thinking and selected vanilla after thoroughly going through the pros and cons of chocolate and vanilla. She said I might just put on more weight if I eat chocolate, so I would take vanilla. Further, she narrated to me how vanilla helps during menstruation and also in dental issues. When I asked her son, he instantly replied chocolate. I asked him why and he smiled, ‘Because I like it.!’

High fiving the kid I said, “Congratulations my boy, you just made a great choice!” So while the mother ‘decided’ vanilla, her son ‘chose’ chocolate.

Choice VS Decision: So, what’s the difference between the two?

In this world, a decision is termed wise and a choice is said to be impulsive. But is it really that way?

Decision is an act or need of making up your mind but a choice is your power to choose. When you dig deeper you realize decision comes mainly from “cutting off” while choice comes from “perceiving”.

Decision is more of a process orientation where we go through analysis but choice is more of a mindset approach where we perceive things.

A decision is a thoughtful thorough process that can be explained, a choice purely exists. A decision emerges from the brain; a choice directly comes out from the gut (or the heart). A decision is often forced on to others; a choice however places no amount of responsibility or burden on others. A decision may come from second-guesses; a choice is never prone to doubt. A decision is burden-some; a choice brings happiness and is fun. A decision often brings feeling of compromise; a choice brings contentment.

Why work so hard to make this distinction? Well, because we forget that decisions bring doubt and fear in our mind such as ‘what if?…’, ‘but then…’ On the other hand, when we choose something, we have a sense of responsibility towards it, it gives us the opportunity as well as the power to be in the driver’s seat rather than being a passenger of one’s own life.

Moreover, choice liberates us from the artificial pressures of circumstances, and it makes each one of us responsible for leading our own paths. With choice comes possibility and power. When we choose something, we aren’t crippled with the mindset that society imposes on us. Instead, we are comfortable and confident within our internal compass.

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Our society, our upbringing have often pressurized us to be rational, to balance everything, to look for cautions and manage risks appropriately, however, following this path with doubts and fear of losing something or fear of failure is crippling us. This is the reason why the only choice today is left with us is what to wear when, but even that is not possible at times due to external influence or conditions.

Though decisions seem necessary, it is choice that brings greater contentment. After all, it liberates us from being trapped inside the cage of pressures or circumstances. Instead, it makes us responsible and well-prepared for leading our own paths, the paths that we have chosen. Needless to say, a life of choice-making by one’s internal compass is a life full of prosperity. This is the reason why so many startup story is a success today.

So, next time, when life throws Choice Vs Decision in front of you, you know what to pick…

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