7 Bold & Controversial Statements Made by Zubair Khan on Salman Khan & Colors Channel

Zubair Khan in Bigg Boss

The most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 11 is out of the show. However, even after the eviction, he seems to be making noise; this time by commenting mercilessly not on the contestants but on the host Salman Khan. Reportedly, he also filed a case against Salman Khan with the Antop Hill Police station where the officers advised him to file a complaint with the Lonavala police station.

Zubair Khan in Bigg Boss 11

Here we reveal Zubair’s bold as well as controversial statements surrounding the Bollywood superstar.

Zubair Alleges that Salman Khan Threatened Him

While talking to the Press after filing a case against Salman Khan in Mumbai, Zubair alleged that he was threatened by Salman. According to the complaint (which is going viral on social media), this is what Salman told Zubair –

“Tere ko kutta banaunga, tu bahar nikal tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tere ko industry me kaam nahi karne dunga, tereko marunga.”

Zubair Khan Alleges that Salman Khan Grilled Him Because of Pressure from Underworld

As per Zubair, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star reprimanded him in the Weekend Ka War episode since he was pressurized by the underworld to do so. Not stopping at that, the evicted contestant also said that he isn’t Vivek Oberoi, Ejaz Khan or Arjit Singh that he’ll fear from Bollywood’s Bhai. According to his statement, he too gave Salman back during the grilling session which was however not shown on national TV.

Zubair Claims that He never said He was Haseena Parkar’s Relative..It was Colors that Claimed So

After being evicted out of the Bigg Boss House, Zubair now claims that he only said that he had relatives in the underworld but never claimed that he was Dawood’s relative or Hasina Parkar’s son-in-law. According to him, this whole ‘relative thing’ was highlighted by the channel Colors to get footage.

Salman Khan Has Connections with Underworld – Zubair Khan

Bringing back the 90s allegations at the forefont, Zubair accused Salman for having connections with the underworld. Talking about photos with Anees Ibrahim and Noora Ibrahim, Zubair not only went on talking about how Salman took photos with these people even after the bomb blast but also how his films have been funded by the underworld money.

Zubair Accused Colors for Showing the Viewers a Scripted Show

According to what Zubair said, every contestant in the show gets dialogues to speak and is asked to fight amongst each other. Zubair alleges that while the fights are shown by the channel, they do not show the reasons for the same.

Mujhe Salman Waapas Bula Raha Tha – Zubair

Post he attempted suicide, Zubair claims that he was asked to return in the house yet again both by the channel and the host Salman Khan. However, he declined the offer despite being offered more money to return to the show.

Salman Khan Is Doing Only Show Off with His Brand, “Being Human” claims Zubair

While accusing Salman Khan, calling him names and challenging him all the while, Zubair mentioned that Salman started the brand ‘Being Human’ only to create a good image as he was advised to get rid of his bad image in the society post the 2002 car accident in Bandra.

Catch the complete video here –

This makes the whole season all the more interesting as we are yet to see how these allegations, complaints, and open challenge to the show, channel and the host by a contestant will take Bigg Boss into which direction.

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