5 Fun Ways to Customize Mask Lanyards for Kids

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Getting the little ones to wear a mask and keep it on is the number 1 challenge faced by parents today as they get ready to send their child to school.

From holding ID cards and badges to face masks these days, lanyards have indeed come a long way. Today they are the must-have accessory for kids wearing masks because let’s face it, kids aren’t the best at handling it, ripping it off at every chance they get.

That’s where these lanyards come handy. They don’t just keep the mask in one place. It keeps them from falling off, getting contaminated, coming in contact with dust particles, or getting lost. These lanyards come in varied designs and can be customizable for easy identification and personalization.

Here are some ways one can customize the mask lanyards for kids, which make wearing masks fun!

Put Your Child’s Name on It

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to personalize your kids’ lanyard is to put their name on it. This will serve as an identification tag in case your child happens to leave it somewhere. Wide-strapped fabric lanyards serve the purpose best.

You can either get it embroidered or printed. Or if you don’t want to make all that extra effort, you could buy a lanyard that can hold a name tag. There are lots of lanyards available online which allow you to put your child’s name tag on the lanyard.

Bead it

Children love beads, and it improves their motor skills too. Get your little one to help you out with it, and they will love it as their weekend project. Just order a thin, round, strapped lanyard that can hold the beads. Buy clunky alphabet beads to bead your kid’s name or only glass beads to make it look more fashionable whatever the kid likes. Believe it or not, it’s one of the most effective techniques to get your child to wear the mask.

Braid it

Kids love making friendship bands. They can either braid patterns around their lanyard or use the lanyard strip and colorful threads to braid a pattern around the lanyard. Whichever way, the kids will surely love to wear and show off the mask lanyard braided by them.

Shiny and Bedazzling

Another way to perk up the boring looking plain lanyard would be to use sequins or glass beads to give the lanyard a glamorous touch. Apply a box of sequins or glass beads or a combination of both (let the creative juices flow) on a lanyard. Take a plain lanyard of any color; make sure the strap is wide enough, so it is easy to decorate.

Get Creative

Is your little one a baseball fan? Instead of his name, how about getting a little bead-like baseball with his favorite player’s name? Take a round, think strip lanyard, and two baseballs that can go inside the lanyard like a bead and few alphabet beads. The name goes in the middle with two baseballs on two ends. Instead of baseball, it can be anything your kid is fond of like pets, etc.

These customizations will ensure that your child can identify his own immediately and accidentally doesn’t pick up someone else’s identical-looking mask when they take it off in school during snack or lunchtime. Mask lanyard for kids presents a host of crafting activities that you can get your tiny tots involved in.

Make the most of your stay-at-home time with these simple DIY projects that your entire family can get involved in. It isn’t just fun but is practical and functional, too, as your kids will look forward to wearing the mask to show off these trendy, personalized mask lanyards made by them.

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