Demonetization: The Queue In India & Queue Up India Campaign

Cartoon By Avinash

Sir Isaac Newton is known as the greatest evergreen scientist of our time and everyone must have heard the funny tales of Newton and his pussy cat.

However, the so called economists and political fund advisors who have given their pieces of suggestions to NaMo regarding Demonetization move seems to be more brilliant than Newton.

Cartoon By Avinash
Cartoon By Avinash

The consequence is obvious to everyone. Now the whole world is just watching the progress of new campaigns called Queue in India and Queue up India after Make in India and Start up India.

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Now the old ATM machines are also not able to identify the new Rs. 2000 & Rs. 500 currency notes because of their compact sizes. Hence dispensing the new currency notes is a challenging issue for all.

PM Modi might have taken some measures regarding this issue in advance which the pundits have ignored. Identification of notes is now a serious issue.

There was no need to modify the sizes to make the programme successful. Hence we need to create and install some advanced software to solve this problem.

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The whole economy is going cashless and starving without money. Only declaring something isn’t always good and the move is now suffering from poor implementation issues.

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