Can A DUI Affect Getting Future Employment

The court may have convicted you for a misdemeanor rather than a felony. But still, this minor offense could significantly impact your career. It especially applies if your job involves driving or handling sensitive items.

Getting arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) could have a significant impact on your future. It could affect not only your current employment but also your future career growth. 

How a DUI Can Affect Your Employment Opportunity

Suspended license

One of the penalties for DUI convictions is that license may get suspended. If you are a driver in a company, your suspension could cause you to get fired. If your employer knows that you have a record for DUI and might make feel him feel that he’s hiring a liability; which may result in your replacement. It will also increase the insurance rate.

You may face license suspension following a DUI conviction. The worst may follow if there is no public transport near your home. Thus, you may be getting late to work, thus increasing your chances of getting fired. This is the reason why you need to get a prominent city beat lawyers to fight your case easily. Like for instance, if you stay in Nashville, you need the best Nashville DUI lawyer who can help you with any DUI court conviction with convenience.

Alcohol education

There are times the court may decide that you join a mandatory alcohol class, and this may collide with your work schedule. You may have to talk to your boss, which will force you to disclose your DUI conviction.

Some company policies are strict such that you may end up losing your job. Some managers can be lenient and give you a chance. Still, failure to be available during your work shift may cause them to reconsider.

Job applications

In all job interviews, you will have to state whether or not you have ever faced a conviction. DUI is a crime if you get convicted. It could also have an impact on your future job applications. You must avoid the sentence. You can do this by reaching out to experienced lawyers.

Professional license

Some professions, such as becoming a nurse, doctor, lawyer, or plumber, require a license. Some background analysis of the license applicant is needed. A DUI is something that could be featured and might hinder you from getting your permit.

If you already have your license, it can get suspended. In some situations, you could lose the license from total revocation punishment. Besides, a DUI conviction will be public for 55 years if you have a commercial driver’s license. Thus, the permit becomes useless when it comes to hunting for a job.

 Insurance loss

Some companies do not hire any person who had a conviction. Automobile insurance companies do not encourage automobile companies to hire a convicted person. It is due to the belief that the person will undoubtedly relapse and get convicted.

As a result, you may be the highest qualified candidate but will not get employed. It is because the company may not have the option of hiring a person with DUI records. Besides, since their insurance warns against this, they will have to pay more premiums.


Driving under the influence has long term effects on your personal life. You should aim at avoiding it. Strive to eliminate the impact it has on various aspects of your life.

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