Job Search: The Ultimate 7 R’s To Consider Before Going for A Job Interview

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The entire Indian sky is now in a different ball game altogether –flooded with gravity defying breaking news like Uri Attacks under RSS influence by Manohar Parikkar, Swami Om at Bigg Boss 10, Rock Star Narendra Modi by Guardian, Israel and Australia supporting India in NSSC membership, Barkha Dutt‘s open spat against Arnab Goswami, Untold story of an IITian Dr. Manoj Nayak of SUM Hospital and so on. But everybody is forgetting about NaMo’s strong commitment

However, everybody is forgetting about NaMo’s strong commitment on 2 crore jobs creation every year which is almost like my impossible love. Where is the implementation or 18th camel as advocated by Amitabh Bachchan? It’s almost two years. Nobody is concerned about Indian unemployment.

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But it’s the moral responsibility of citizens to take their own stands on these issues. We will not wait for the help from outside. We have to fight our own battle all alone. As a professor, I would not stay ashore.

This article certainly reflects some valuable skills, facts and facets in context to interview preparation in a nutshell as demonstrated beneath. The effective but lesser known job search tips are written below for readers ‘digest and other aspirants.

Job Search Tips: Right networking skills

First, a candidate who is looking for any employment should build a strong network of his own either through personal contacts or professional networks like LinkedIn. It would give boost and momentum to the job search process.

Right mentor-mentee collaboration

One is supposed to find out influential and good people working in the same field and then should try to meet successful personalities of the industry. They can guide in a very efficient manners because many top shots are always interested in giving lifts and big switches to talented new-comers.

Right approaching skills

We need to enhance our approaching skills since we need to meet human resource personnel in due course. Hence we need to develop an art called “Approaching Skills”.

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Right Attributes

We need to inculcate certain attributes like humbleness and down-to-earth modesty which are surely going to pay off in long-term battles.

Right Language skills

I am not in support of the suggestions given to HRD Ministry by the RSS education wing to delink English as an official language from Indian culture. Rather we need to develop our language skills and one should have love towards English because it can help in cracking most of the difficult interviews of life.

Right Attitude of Job Search – “Never Say Die”

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached said Swami Vivekananda once upon a time in India. Thus we need to source some prospective companies where we can possibly work in future.

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Moreover, we have to find out the contact details of key people and start giving direct mails along with our well-built profiles and rest is FOLLOW UP. Much recruitment happens through these processes only. Sometimes the corporate is in receive end not we. These are all building blocks.

Right grooming standards

A Man is known by the Shoes he Wears, Dress to Kill, Not Kill the Dress-some pieces of grooming advice. Just have a Google search and there are many things one should follow as far as health, hygiene, and style are concerned.

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This is because the style is the man and in interviews’ it’s almost the first and everlasting impression if you can wear your opinion. One should look and feel like a professional, and formals can give you a very intellectual and serious look, and make you much gravatar.

In the end, the smacking down begins. Just consider these job search tips and follow the samurai way!

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