SUM Hospital Fire Mishap Bhubhaneshwar: Hospitals Are Also Not Safe in India


Last night I was just shocked by this incident that happened in a private hospital here at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. As per a concrete report more than 100 people are injured and 22 patients died on spot. 

The whole government, community workers, media, and cops are blaming the IMS and SUM hospital authorities for their negligence. It’s quite astonishing that the ICU was under rapid fire due to short circuit.


SUM Hospital Bhubaneswar Mishap

The case is exactly similar to AMRI hospital and SCB Medical College shocking incidents of the past. History repeats itself. But prevention could have been a better option than cure in these kinds of risks and uncertainties. 

We need to be very careful as far the security patterns of patients and their attendants are concerned. If the hospital authorities had followed the health and safety doctrine as like the USA then the accident could have been prevented. 

The following steps are now mandatory due to many such incidents occurring in our country.

First, we need to make proper maintenance and mock fire drills should be conducted on regular intervals. Moreover, we should have emergency exits and plans duly displayed at different strategic places due avoid suffocation and stampede during these incidents. 

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There should be more numbers of fire extinguishers and people should be well trained to use all these personal protective equipment.

I would rather suggest we should have our own water tank and fire resistant walls for immediate help. The police and ambulance and if possible air ambulances should be available on call-the whole mechanism and rescue operation need to be extra pro-active which is actually lacking in our country.

Always we cannot blame it to destiny and we can’t just keep everything in auto mode. Of course, luck factor prevails. Still, we need to be optimistic on many fronts as far as safety and security of nationals are concerned. Hope we may not receive such bads news in future. Let all the souls rest in peace


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