Political Melodrama – Post Dana Majhi and Uri Attacks

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(The original author of this article on Uri attack is Dr. Dillip Kumar Nayak, a concerned skill development specialist of vibrant Odisha)

While Modi government is enjoying the weekdays or probably sleeping over them, the rebel writer is thinking to represent a difficult battle of his mind. In today’s social media blog spots, Twitterati and print pages, many international news headlines related to tribal people are catching the eyelashes of media lovers and critics.

This breaking news is either related to Dana Majhi or about Indo-Pak relations post Uri attack . Many such catchy phrases have made me to rethink about our positioning in developmental humanity parlance. I have read things like remote communities carrying their dead relatives on their shoulders, barbaric Pak playing tricks to condemn the largest democracy. After going through this hall of shames, many trillion dollar questions are coming to my mind.

All these steps are ideal or media triggered. We have many such reported cases in the past. Still, there was no massive awareness and campaigns. Only doing campaigns will not be enough. We need to revise our propositions against such sensitive cases. India wants Narendra Modi to keep his commitments as far as diplomatic relations are concerned. Dana Majhi is now flying to New Delhi to get support from many International countries and the tribal communities are thinking these things as weapons to succeed. This is not the real development, I may be wrong. The society is simply drying out.


Uri Attack: Combat Terrorism

The Indian government should take some necessary steps to combat these Terrorist hurdles. And we need to analyze why this vicious circle is spreading its tentacles. This is because India could not make ambitious developments in Kashmir Valleys. These poor and downtrodden natives can be best options for Indian armed force. We should give them a chance before they earn their bread and butter through Pakistan-backed terrorism industry. PM Modi needs to have a stronger connection with all these real issues.

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Like Dana Majhi, the Adivasi mass is now thinking of getting money through paparazzi. Because Government is not able to come to rescue. I am quoting all these things are bad. At least media today can come by your side. Good times for a common man. It is again not the sole responsibility of Indian Government to drive out the real change, opposition parties have lots of good things to implement. They are the voice of the nation too.

Lots of programs are declared, many MOUs are signed but all are going to garbage bins due to lack of vision and foresights. We need to provide basic amenities to common people of Kashmir.

As a writer the following questions pops up in my mind – What can I do? Can I write something that can encounter guns of Pakistan or poor government support? Is my pen mightier than swords? Can I trigger the development?


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