DUI Facts in Nashville That Every Resident Should Know

Driving under the influence is strictly prohibited in the state of Tennessee. The city of Nashville is the center of trade and commerce and has always been stringent with its DUI laws. In recent years, the state has enjoyed the smallest share of DUI instances compared to other cities around the country. 

Despite the low records, Nashville still considers DUI a significant problem resulting in stricter enforcement of existing laws. A Nashville DUI Lawyer can help every resident confront law enforcement and lessen the penalties of drunk driving charges or expunge a conviction. 

Important Drunk Driving Facts Every Nashville Resident Should Know

In recent years, Tennessee has been at the bottom end of statistics involving drunk driving. This is because of the state’s tenacity to prevent untoward accidents and untimely deaths caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Though state-wide, Nashville still ranks the top metropolitan area with excessive drunk driving rate, but it’s still considered low compared to similar cities. Some essential facts every Nashville resident should know includes:

  • The Nashville-Davidson to Murfreesboro-Franklin area still ranks high in terms of reported DUI incidents. 
  • Recent studies show that the drinking rate of Nashville places to 13.7%, the highest of any city around the state. 
  • Despite Nashville’s contribution to the state-wide alcohol problem, Tennessee still ranks as one of the lowest states to share in the national rate of the DUI problem.

Because of the population, Nashville has the highest prevalence rate of binge drinking. The good news though is that it’s 11.2% rating still is one of the lowest in the country. But this does not warrant complacency as every Nashville DUI Lawyer understands the need for a reliable intervention amongst those who have the propensity to develop drinking problems. 

Existing Nashville Initiative to Prevent DUI Instances

The local Nashville authorities take to heart its aim of making the city safe for every resident. This means enforcement of the state-wide mandate of strictly enforcing the “Sober up TN Program.” The state has allowed Highway Patrol state troopers the authority to patrol thoroughfares for any drunk driver. 

Also, additional hours have been given to check local bars operations, educate the community about the dangers of drunk driving, and install sobriety checkpoints around the city. The program was developed by The Department of Safety & Homeland Security to secure the safety of the residents and reduce fatalities caused by drunk driving. 

How Long Will a DUI Conviction Stay in Your Driving Records?

Your driver’s license is a privilege given by the government to use its public transportation system. Therefore, as a law-abiding citizen, you should take care of this particular grant provided by the local Nashville, Tennessee government.

As such, a DUI conviction will put a scar on your driving records and give you a hard time when renewing your license. In this regard, being cautious about your public records will be beneficial in the long run. 

A derogatory driving record can stay in your name, depending on the severity of your conviction. A minimum of ten years is often typical, but it can remain in your driving records for an entire lifetime. This though depends on your sentence, and a DUI lawyer in Nashville can be of help. 

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