What are the Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Solutions for a Business

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The veracity, adaptability and convenience of the mobile platform has been proven time and again in countless case studies. Although its implementation means a certain degree of risk, the competitive tools that an enterprise gains along with the opportunity for sustained growth far outweigh the downsides.

Here are just a few of the reasons that enterprise level companies should be prioritizing a mobile strategy if it has not already been prioritized in the marketing and operations mix.


The anywhere, anytime access of enterprise mobility creates huge opportunities for gains in productivity. Employees instantly have access to mission-critical applications and otherwise scarce resources. This access allows them to collaborate on and complete objectives at their convenience from comfortable settings in a secure way. Most importantly, the right enterprise mobility solution hooks your entire organization into a real time structure that allows your business to move at the speed of commerce.

Data Sharing

In order to keep up with competition, your teams need the ability to instantly share data among themselves. Without this access, your employees are relegated to collaboration in the office, which greatly limits their ability to function in a natural way. You also lose any of the collaborative productivity that you would have gained from your employees outside of office hours. Employees with the ability to share through their own devices often do, and they do so without the prompting of management.

Managing Costs

The appropriate enterprise mobility solution can drastically reduce your cost of IT. As you move more of your operations and marketing into this virtual space, you reduce the significant maintenance costs of keeping up with centralized in-house hardware. This allows companies to focus more of the budget on performance management and measurement. As spending is optimized across the business and redirected into more productive pursuits, it can also be more accurately assessed so that is allocated more properly. Mobility solutions provide this opportunity through increased cost visibility and predictability, assessments which can be easily scaled as the business continues to grow.

Security Management

One of the major bottlenecks to executive buy-in of enterprise mobility solutions is the perceived notion of less security. This is especially true of bring-your-own-device (BYOB) proposals that are often brought to the C-suite by younger management with a better understanding of how security virtualization works.

As a matter of fact, cloud and virtual based mobile solutions are the first to receive scaled security solutions on the cutting edge of the industry. They are updated on a real-time basis, ensuring that companies receive the best and most relevant security packages without actually having to oversee the installation and implementation process.

Customer Support

Companies can also free up their in-house IT departments by relying more on the customer support provided by enterprise mobility solutions. End users benefit from targeted and timely support. Through this support, and users are better able to focus on their core competencies. The mobility solution specialists will also be able to derive greater insights from any data that is collected in the mobile space. The end result is usually faster business decisions and more accurate assessments.

These are only a few of the advantages that enterprise mobility solutions bring to the modern company. The employee and customer experience can both be enhanced while reducing the costs that are usually associated with such upgrades. Overall, enterprise mobility is one of the seminal competitive advantages to consider today for sustained business growth.

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