Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web: Which is the Best?

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Introduction: Mobile App & Mobile Web

The mobile application plays a vital role in our day to day life. They are very much important to us as they provide all the information you need up to the core. In the current scenario, the mobile environment has encountered several changes since the generation of smartphones, touchscreens have altered the way in which people perform tasks that were usually done by laptops or Personal computers.

From top to toe, it has been used for almost everything like shopping, buying tickets, ticket reservations, and browsing emails, etc. Whether it is a mobile app or a mobile website, the difference between these two medium is the interface and experience.

Survey says that mobile app usage crossed nearly one-third of the total web users. Nearly 19.6% of the users prefer mobile browser, 23.1% of the user are convenient with the mobile app and so on.

For the first time, Mobile website (Mobile web) and the mobile app look very similar but the need depends on a number of factors which includes target audiences, budget, required features, and intended purpose.

Mobile Application

The mobile app is a software application specially designed for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPods, etc. These applications are developed using the languages like objective C and JAVA. It is designed such as the app usually provides services to those accessed on PCs.

Mobile apps are used by the people worldwide than the mobile website. They use it for almost everything like online shopping, digital marketing, email, internet banking, etc.

Since the application is designed in a good environment following the technical and user experience guidelines of the OS, it has the advantage like faster performance.

Mobile Website

Mobile web is defined as the use of the internet through smartphone applications. It is a wireless technology, which is accessible to the World Wide Web through fixed line services on laptops and desktop computers.

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Characteristics of Mobile App Vs Mobile Web

Mobile app and mobile web are both used on smartphone devices like Android, iPhones, and Blackberry. But the difference between them is the mobile website consists of browser-based HTML pages that are merged together and can be accessed over the internet.

The difference between mobile website to a normal website is that it is designed for small portable devices with touch screen interface. Web design is a new trend emerging for websites that are mobile friendly and it can be scaled to any sized device right from the desktop to tablet and smartphones.

Like another website, mobile websites can show text, data, video, audio and images. Even they can access mobile features like click-to-call or location based mapping.

Apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed on smartphone devices from Apple or Google Play Store than using a mobile web browser. These apps retrieve data and content from the internet that is similar to a website or it can download the content so that it can be accessed without an internet connection.

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web: Which is the best?

Mobile apps are preferred more in advance than mobile web based on users need. For example, if the user wants to develop an interactive gaming session, then the mobile app will be the best one. If the aim is to provide mobile-friendly content to a huge number of an audience then the mobile website is best.

In some cases, the user may think that they need both the mobile app and the mobile website. Mobile websites are to be preferred first in developing a mobile web presence.

Considering the fact, the mobile app is useful in developing an application for a specific purpose that cannot be done efficiently through a web browser. In these cases, mobile apps are the best among mobile website.

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Features of Mobile App VS Mobile Web

It is best to consider a mobile app or mobile web depending upon the users need. If the user’s aim is related to marketing or communication, then mobile website plays a huge role in it. The reason behind this is mobile website has a basic advantage over apps which includes compatibility, reduced cost, and accessibility.

Uses of Mobile app Vs Mobile Web

Mobile websites can be viewed right away with the browsers across portable devices like Android, iPhones, and Blackberry, etc. Whereas mobile apps require basic needs like they need to download and install the content directly from the App Store that provides a great barrier between initial and final tasks.

Mobile websites can reach across many different devices, whereas an app needs a separate vision that needs to be developed for each device. Moreover, mobile website links are easily integrated with other mobile technology like QR Codes, SMS and Near Field Communication (NFC).

A mobile website is more powerful than an app in terms of flexibility for content updates. It makes it easy for the users to modify the content or design of a mobile website by simply editing it. The changes have been modified by just in a single click.

On the other hand, updating an app requires the updates to be published to the users, and then it should be downloaded on each device to make the updates ready.

Mobile websites are easy for the users since the pages we search can be displayed and listed in industry specific directories. This makes quality visitors to find you. Visitors viewing mobile website can be automatically sent to mobile app when they use a handheld device.

A mobile Website URL’s can be shared easily through a simple link via social media’s or other applications. The administrator can direct the users to a mobile website through a blog or website whereas apps cannot do these tasks.

Mobile website is easily accessible across various platforms and it can be shared easily among users, as well as search engines which have more capability than a native app.

When we compare mobile app, the average lifetime of an app is very short unless and until your app looks unique and useful. Since many apps released are far better than the other app the lifespan of an app is short. Whereas mobile websites are available for the users each and every time.

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Mobile Apps Are the Best

  • Even though mobile websites provide many useful features mobile apps are the best and it has become very popular due to the exclusive features.
  • Gaming apps which are worth interactive will be the best choice for kids and adults in the forthcoming future.
  • The mobile app helps users to do complex calculations, charts or reports that need data connection then apps are the best.
  • The app will be more effective if the user needs to access a user’s camera or processing power.
  • If you need to provide offline access to the content or do functions without a wireless network, then a user can best make use of the app. ´


In the antique period, the people have accessed the internet connection through the desktop devices. Day by day it became changed towards the handheld devices like the Smartphone. The mobile applications are the basic software product to achieve certain operations. Mobile websites are the software design which contains a number of apps to download. If we are using a mobile application properly, there should be an estimated result of the desired project.

Some of the mobile app doesn’t require the internet connection and there should be indispensable features which are inbuilt. Even though the mobile applications are downloaded from the website, most of the people and entrepreneurs are working on the application in maximum time. It reduces the utilization of mobile website and it squashes the specifications of the mobile website depends upon the mobile app.

According to the recent survey, the mobile applications are accessed higher when comparing with the mobile web. The reason is that the mobile app has the simple specification which contains desired features but the web doesn’t.

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