Consumer Satisfaction: The Rising Need to create a strategy to combat customer boredom

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It’s a good news for all Indians that Diwali is now an optional holiday in the UN house. You know what it means—dry fruits, crackers, lamps, sweets and many more. In simple words, we do enormous consumption. Shopping is common in Puja and festivities.

Mostly in India we have an occasion to buy all the year round. More buying is proportionate to heavy consumption. Whenever we buy and try any favorite product we actually imagine many things prior to buying. We eat, sleep and drink with these products.


It’s almost a kind of virtual attachment that happens prior to any real consumption. But due to vivid media exposures these days getting actual consumer satisfaction from any buying decision is a rare phenomenon. Due to more frequent reviews in many social

Due to more frequent reviews in many social platforms the post purchase dissonance rate is becoming higher which is a critical factor and challenge in itself for any marketer in the fold of product making.

Since any merchandize is a bundle of core and allied benefits which are responsible for satisfaction – so creating a product significance is the buzz word for today.

Customer Boredom and Consumer Satisfaction

People are quickly getting bored with any new technology or newly launched merchandise without having enough satisfaction. The product life cycles are getting too short today which again demands the research and development wings of companies to be more active than before.

With such wide range of product options, the buying clause at POS terminals getting delayed and derailed. The products require frequent upgradations which is again a cost involving factor. We have to create a strategy to combat “customer boredom” against delight. All that glitters fades away from customer’s mind due to a constant demand for mass consumption. I can call it a “consumption war” due to rising desires for luxuries and mundane things.

A new skill called selfie -taking skill has evolved in modern paradox. With every new purchase it is a must for FB posts, Twitterati, Wiki edits and so on. Then come an ocean of reviews into your comment box.

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Oops! satisfaction vanished. We need to create some magical quality for the affluent mall class which is a challenge. You need to create some big deals or miracles to keep our customers associated with us for a longer period of time. Hence, products getting just meaningless because of our consumption intensity.

To sum up, we can conclude that meeting consumption level of first timers and old customers has become a marketing challenge and it is soon going to be included in SWOT analysis of different product based companies.

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Marketing management has to find out a solution to this burning issue of consumer satisfaction. If we don’t deal with this then a day will come when Product Life Cycles ( i.e.PLCs) may last half a day -launched, reviewed gone in the winds.

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