21st Century Smart Trends of Tech-travelling-The Protagonist Way

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Shopaholics never played technology and tripping, these two dots  their human lifelines – says elder. For mental rejuvenation, travelling has become a basic necessity for many. It can widen your spiritual horizons and can sometimes prove to be an elixir for body, mind, and soul.

For sure, tripping is  a kind of classical education, a bit of symphony uniting fantastic things and  new wanderers. There are different types of travelling ..maybe by train, ships, aeroplanes etc.But this article will take you on a long ride along with modern technologies which you need to carry while packing your bags for a trip or vacation.


Tech – Travelling

While travelling to different exotic locations you may prefer all these over basic necessities like toothpaste, towel, camera and so on. Technology has always been complimentary to our day-to-day life. It has metamorphosed our lives in every walk. 

If we discuss about transport, airplanes can help us reach the destination points that are unable to go on bare foot. Several other things like computer, mobile and much more has made us change the way we do job, purchase, sell and eventually every corner of our lifestyle. It has proved as a divine gift  to our cross-cultural society. Its impact in the travel sector is largely terrific and  has always been just the next wow factor for one & all! 

However, the evolution of smartphone technology in the tourism diaspora has made it easier for human beings, and the rise of mobile commerce has made a scintillating impact on tourism and travel industry, hiring cars, hotel reservations over travel agents who are slowly getting obsolete in present time. Many hotel apps and free apps like the incredible India mobile app or IHG mobile app are now available at your disposal through the App Store and Google Play. 

Tech – Travelling Through Apps

With these kind of apps one can stay at any exotic mango hotel, find out directions to the hotels from different places, get fringe rewards and discount offers and much more delights. You can find many great discounts through an app like Groupon. You can even find discounts on your airfare and hotels by using Travelocity coupon codes. So everything is ready for a good travel deal with you as wanderer at heart.Travelling today is not what it used to be 20 or even 10 years ago — it’s captivating,radiant and ravishing! Technology is transforming the path you travel, but in doing so it’s making traveling easy going and more gratifying for wayfarer who never forgets to carry Google Maps & Street Views along with their Instacash, Mpaisa, Paytm, MobiQuickwallets, iPads, iPhones..howzat!

Let’s now discuss few digital fashions which are making steady rise amidst the pomp & grandeur of bizzare technological trends of our time.

  • Social Media Post First-due to surprise & spontaneous bleisure trips and chicken curry tours posts like “where can I find an accommodation in Istanbul?” are less than ordinary in Facebook or Twitter. Hence Google search is getting obsolete. Humans can now stay connected anytime with friends and family while travelling anywhere in this world.Facebooking and Twittering will never be out of sight , out of mind.Deep in your veins to give you halcyon moments.
  • Electronically Regulated Virtual Passports-a reality in Australia.These are actually passports based on cloud computing and ready to provide all your photo identification details and biometric data at airport check in terminals.You can just go global, no passport required. Others are apps like Mobile Passport Control, which is more preferred over physical passport – for now.
  • Drone photography-virtual travel can take you around the world in 80 seconds and navigating in and around the cosmopolitan cities via Google Earth and Google Maps is never a myth these days. Virtual-reality travel is now helping to trip brilliantly.
  • Alternative staying arrangements-these are more preferred over hotel bookings. Many apps are available for your perusal.
  • Customized tripping-it can be next talk of the town and is the latest buzzword in meteroric travelling and is ready give you awesome results .
  • Faster Inflight & Ground Wi-Fi – it is just unputdownable.Humans are preferring wi-fi over food.What’s your wi-fi password? You might have asked somebody before.It cannot be negotitated for sure.
  • Virtual travel agent-a simple mail to the helpline id & hello Hipmunk is available to give you a midas touch.
  • Pure Automation Process-from check-ins to Marriott, Taj, Hilton, and ITC you will be finding  building apps that essentially let you stay at a star hotel without having to interact with staff. The same is applicable  for airlines and airports, where you can even now tag your own luggage in addition to doing almost everything on your cellular devices.
  • Amazon kindle-forgotten the rare collections of Salman Rushdie, V.S.Naipaul, Chetan Bhagat etc., not an issue e-books are avaliable for your monumental reading and ecstasy. Google translate is also becoming too palatable for the techno-punks.
  • Whatsapp! Manyapps! the God of Tech-travelling for generation X, Y or Z.Too much fun.You cannot just afford miss all these big things by chance.Stay tuned.Stay fit.Skype and TripAdvisors have become new style quotients of modern travelling. Forget bygone days and yesteryears. Just do it!
  • Selfie Flash and Selfie Stick-these buzzwords are instrumental in storing your wonderful memories at airport, awe-inspiring destinations, jungle safari, boot camp at Abu Dhabi or night masti at Jodhpur. Wherever you go,selfie follows. No problem even if the airport authorities have banned Samsung S-series.

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