Quick Facts on Liver and Liver Conditions that Can Trigger Transplantation

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There are various organs in a body.  Talking about liver, it is the largest internal organ in the human body. Liver performs over five hundred functions and produce more than one thousand enzymes and different other proteins that are vital for good health. It is certain that if and when the condition of the liver deteriorates, one cannot live without his or her liver. However, with medical sciences and advancement, transplantation of liver is a living dream.

The Function Of Liver in a Human Body

The liver is located in the right upper abdomen. It is just below your diaphragm. Some of the most vital tasks of liver are such as:

  • Adapting nutrients from food into important minerals, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and other molecules that the body demands to function in a proper manner.
  • Producing bile that is a fluid that is helpful for the body to do digestion of nutrients and fat.
  • Gathering molecules such as glycogen that is a kind of stored energy for cells; vitamins, and even minerals till demanded for other organs.
  • Crushing dangerous substances, like poisons and alcohol into less dangerous ones.

It might come as a surprise for you that liver is the only internal organ that is proficient of complete regeneration. As little as twenty five percent of a liver can actually regrow into a complete liver. Such a regenerative property is the soul of live donor liver transplantation. It is a process wherein a part of a donor’s liver gets relocated into a recipient. Both the livers will enhance in size and return to their normal function in a matter of couple of weeks. 

What Can Trigger Liver Transplantation?

There are number of diseases that can destroy or impair the function of liver to such a point that a liver transplant becomes necessary. However, before you worry and lose heart, you should always know that successful liver transplant in India is now a living dream with the success rate soaring high in many of the best hospitals across India. These experts cannot only get you back on track with their specialized skills but also give you the best medical expertise post your transplantation.

However, do you know how and which liver conditions can actually cause your liver to fail and lead you to transplantation? Well, here they are –

  • Chronic viral hepatitis such as hepatitis, C, B, and even D. It triggers inflammation and chronic wound to the liver.
  • Alcoholic liver issues
  • Severe liver failure usually from a virus or because of ingesting a poisonous substance
  • Autoimmune hepatitis wherein the immune system of body malfunctions and harms the liver tissue.
  • (NAFLD)  Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and (NASH) non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, associated ailments wherein the fat deposits accumulate in the liver.
  • Hepatic that are liver tumours.
  • Then there is also (PBC) Primary biliary cirrhosis and (PSC) primary sclerosing cholangitis.  These are the expanding diseases that head  to liver failure
  • Genetic and Metabolic disorders that are congenital and encompass ailments such as alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, and polycystic liver ailment.

So, these are couple of different reasons how and why a patient reaches to a point where he has to get a liver transplant. These things do sound grave and they really are, especially when actions are not taken in time. However, good news is that since the option of liver transplantation is available, numerous patients successfully get through and lead their life smoothly and happily afterwards. 

A few quick facts about your Liver

There are various facts about liver that you might not be having an idea about.  Check out a few below:

  • A body always require a healthy liver. The liver is an organ that is positioned in the right side of the abdomen below your ribs.  The functions of liver are irrefutably significant and absolutely essential.
  • As mentioned above too, liver is a powerhouse that forms diverse types of substances in your body such as:
    • Glucose which is a basic sugar and energy source
    • Then there are also proteins that are the structure blocks for progress and growth
    • blood-clotting features that are substances that even help in healing wounds
    • Bile that is a fluid that is kept in the gallbladder and essential for the absorption of vitamins and fats.
  • Since liver is the main solid organ in your body, it is perfect for gathering significant substances such as vitamins and minerals. It also works as a filter, eliminating impurities from the blood. Finally, the liver absorbs and detoxifies substances that get swallowed by the body.
  • Liver transplants are absolutely needed when damage to the liver grimly impairs the health and the quality of life of a patient.
  • Liver disease takes place once different essential functions get disrupted.
  • The liver is the second most generally and commonly transplanted major organ, followed by kidney. Since it is the case, it is clear that liver ailment is a common and grave problem.
  • It is absolutely vital for liver transplant applicants and their families to understand the basic process that is involved with liver transplants to appreciate a couple of the difficulties and complications that are encountered by liver transplant recipients. These folks who receive livers), and to discover the signs that must alert recipients to seek medical assistance.  A person has to be watchful about everything.

The point is you have to be really prudent about this internal organ in your body. You should eat well and take care of the health. In case you find any type of inconvenience with your liver area make sure you take preventive diagnostics tests and speak with your doctor. It might be a beginning of any dangerous liver issue.

Thus, you cannot threat your life by avoiding your liver issues. Talk to your doctor today for best procedure.

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