Thyrocare Service Review – Preventive Healthcare Packages at Affordable Costs!

Growing old though a process, is really tough. No wonder, with age, the body attracts a lot of medical conditions as it becomes more prone to several ailments, disorders, contagion, infection and disability. This apparently needs a lot of regular rounds to the Health diagnostic centers and laboratories. Needless to say, one day one has to go to test for Diabetes, the other day the practitioner insists on checking the Kidney Profile.

The full body blood test otherwise known as Complete Hemogram is almost a monthly thing. However, it is very difficult for the elderly patients to go each and every time for the tests especially if they have an orthopedic condition like arthritis, osteoarthritis or joint issues. When my mother was suffering from a meniscus tear in her knee (it is difficult for one to walk in such a condition, taking stairs is forbidden), I had no idea how to take her for the 22 tests that the doctor had prescribed. No wonder, the nearest Diagnostic Center was on 3rd floor and that too without a lift.


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In dilemma, I had no clue what to do next. But, all thanks to my family doctor Dr. Ghanshyam Dulera who introduced me to a Preventive Health Care Laboratory popularly known as Thyrocare which could not only solve my problem, but also ensured that all the tests are done from the comfort of my home, that too in an affordable rate.

Ever since, I have been using their preventive health care services and also encouraging my neighbors too. My pregnant neighbor simply cannot stop thanking me for introducing the services of Thyrocare after she got pregnant and her in-laws often appreciate me for giving them the right solution at the right time. Wondering, why Am I getting appreciation for simply recommending a preventive health care lab? Read on to know about Thyrocare Service Review


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Why Thyrocare? What does it Offer?

Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages

One of the biggest advantages of Thyrocare Service is its Aarogyam Packages (4). A preventive body healthcare package , these package covers almost all the tests that any doctor will prescribe. While, the Aarogyam Mini has 33 parameters, the Aarogyam C has 88 parameters.

The Aarogyam C package comprises 88 Tests including Kidney Profile (5), Lipid Profile (8), Vitamin D (Complete), Diabetic Screen, Complete Hemogram (28), Liver Profile (11), Iron Deficiency (3), Thyroid Profile (3), Cardiac Risk Makers (6),Toxic Elements (9), Arthritis (2), Renal (5), Pancreatic (2), Electrolyte (2)


While, only Vitamin D (3) tests crosses Rs. 2,500 in any diagnostic center, the above advanced Aarogyam package comes as affordable as Rs. 2,200. Also, while, the special tests take 4 to 5 days in your nearest diagnostic center, at Thyrocare, you get the reports in 2 days.

Aarogyam Mini – Preventive Healthcare Packages at Affordable Costs

In case, you just want to check your thyroid profile and Diabetes, you can avail the Aarogyam Mini profile which has 3 tests – Thyroid Profile (3), Diabetes, complete Hemogram (28). 

While, a Thyroid Profile cost Rs. 500, Diabetes Rs. 140 and Rs. 200 for a Complete Hemogram outside, the mini Aarogyam Package costs only Rs. 600 saving Rs. 240, that too at the comfort of one’s home. Yes, before going for Thyrocare Aarogyam packages, I did a thorough check as far as the rates are concerned.

Aarogyam A and Aarogyam B checks about 62 and 71 parameters resectively.


What are the Advantages? Why You Should Prefer this Preventive Healthcare Laboratory Over Any Other Diagnostic Centre?

  • Booking can be done from any mode – Website, call, Email, Whatsapp
  • Free home service – The Blood Collection Technician comes at your prescribed date and time to collect the blood samples
  • The samples are tested in Central Processing Laboratory in India’s first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory
  • Reports are generated in 48 hours and the auto-generated mail is sent.
  • Hardcopies are sent too to the customer provided the customer avails the service.
  • For complaints on Quality, Cost and Speed, they are just a SMS away.




Image Credits: Thyrocare

I have been using the services of Thyrocare from August, 2014, and been recommending it to everybody especially the senior citizens, housewives with small kids and all the people who have been looking for a reliable diagnostic center for their medical tests at an affordable rate without compromising on the quality.


For booking and latest offers, you can check Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages and then avail their preventive healthcare packages at affordable costs that suits your requirement.

Take Care!

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