An Eye Opener to Indians Who think US is Clueless about Fighting Covid-19 Pandemic

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I have been reading various awe-filled messages at how the numbers of Covid-19 affected people in the USA are way more and how India has done a much better job than the US as far as handling the coronavirus pandemic is concerned.

So, let’s try and understand these numbers –

USA has a total population of: 32.82 Crores.

Confirmed Covid Cases: 8,90,000

Deaths due to Covid: 50,000

Total Tests Done: 43,00,000 (approx)

India on the other has had a population of: 138 Crores

Confirmed Covid Cases: 23,642

Deaths Due to Covid: 742

Total Tests Done: 4,00,000 (approx)

As of last update available, US has already tested 1.31% of its population.

India, on the other hand has tested close to only 0.02% of its population.

(Considering every person has been tested only once for the sake of easy understanding)

USA has done approx 10 times a greater number of tests than India for a population which is 4 times less than ours.

It doesn’t need a genius to tell you that more the number of tests will give you higher number of positive tested people and will also give you more and accurate data of people who have died due to Covid-19.

It is not as if only 700 odd people have died in India in the last two months. The fact is that only 700 people of those dead have been IDENTIFIED as having died because of Covid19 due to the highly inadequate testing that we have done.

While the need for lockdown is undeniable, many people who think that lockdown is the solution to the virus are quite off their rocker, to put it bluntly.

Lockdown was supposed to be a pause button in which aggressive testing was to be conducted, Covid specific health infrastructure was to be built up and an exit strategy was to be prepared for renewal of normal life.

What we have, however, done is sold to the people that lockdown is the ultimate solution to end the pandemic.

I don’t mind being the unpopular voice here, but the lockdown, social distancing, isolation can only be preventive measures for individuals.

The solution will always lie in aggressive testing, health facilities for those infected, quarantine facilities for those affected/suspects and a final medication which can effectively treat the infection.

And all this cannot come at the cost of routine life or other ailments either. It is not like Covid is the only ailment that people are dying from in India. So, dedicating all resources to one virus will also mean rendering ineffective services to other patients.

So far, while the Indian Govt has done a good enough job at the above-mentioned things but how effective they have really been will be questioned and debated.

That said, USA is way ahead of us, far better equipped than us too and as stupid as Trump sounds, he has actually done a pretty good job.

In my view, the US will end up combatting this virus way better than most of the other countries and will also bounce back quicker than others.

Disclaimer: This post is not against the current efforts of the Indian Govt but is made to show the true picture to those dumbos who think the US is clueless about fighting this pandemic.

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

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