The Future of TV: 4 Tech Steps to the Ultimate TV Experience

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Today, you can record content on your set-top box, skip advertisements, access the internet on your television and connect a multitude of media devices to it too. The latest high grade TV allows you to experience brighter colours, distinct clarity while you immerse yourself in the ultimate audio system. No wonder, more and more people are picking these latest television to indulge in binge-worthy shows, watch live matches or a movie with their loved ones to spend some quality time together. 

Now if you are wondering, what are the key aspects that you should look into before you buy a Television from an ultimate experience, here we share few points to help you keep an eye out for a television that deserves your attention.

Look at the screen size and resolution

When buying a TV, decide and measure the area where you want to place it. Ensure you have enough room to host the screen in your chosen zone without any obstruction on either side. The screen size is very important and you can choose anything between 32-inches to 65-inches based on the available space. Next, pay attention to the display resolution and select whether you want HD TVs or the 4K ultra HD TVs.

Models with 4K displays have four times the number of pixels that the conventional 1080p HD TVs offer. This refines the quality of on-screen image giving you enhanced projections. A variety of reputed brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung offer extensive range of 4K TVs on various price tags to help you choose the one that fits both your budget and your viewing requirements.

Choose a TV with HDR, high Refresh Rate, and display type

High Dynamic Range technology allows you to experience increased contrast on your TV. It gives you accurate brightness, vibrant colours, and life-like images. Added to this, the refresh rate determines how many individual frames per second a TV can display. Here a low refresh rate will make the images appear blurry. Effectively, stick to a TV that offers you a refresh rate of 120Hz as anything above that cannot be seen by the human eye.

The display type defines the image quality your Television can produce. Previously you could choose between plasma and LCD TVs but now the popular choices are LED, QLED, and OLED that features LED technology. LED technology basically means your TV incorporates backlit lights to increase the brightness and colour when a charge passes through them. Use product reviews to see how a particular Television set stacks up against its competitors based on varied parameters and image quality. However, if it suits your budget, consider buying an OLED display TV as this will help take your viewing experiences a notch above the rest. 

Look at connectivity features

Increased connectivity features of a TV means a larger compatibility with external devices. Having 4 or more HDMI ports allows you to keep all your devices like set-top box, home theater system, PlayStation console, and pen drives connected to the TV all at once and then you can switch between them as per your requirement using just the remote. Here it is also important to check that your TV supports external sound bars or a surround sound system.

Know the quality of your sound output

Sound is measured in watts. With a higher wattage you get a louder undistorted sound. So, check if your TV has sound modes that automatically adjust the sound levels based on the content you are watching. This will help deliver the best audio experience. Also, it is important for you to know the sound technology that your TV employs to give you uninterrupted audio clarity.

The commonly seen TV speakers are Dolby digital and DTS Premium, which ensures high definition sound for anything you watch. Since LED TVs have sleek body designs the panel cannot produce the best possible audio output. Consider investing in a home theater system or sound bar if you give importance to audio clarity.

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Make your TV experience not just better but also superior!

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