Godaddy Buyer’s Tips: 3 Ways You Can Buy Services for Cheap From

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Godaddy is a market leader when it comes to registering domains, web hosting, providing SSL certificates, privacy and/or offering email setup. This is the reason despite the competition, is preferred by many of us bloggers as well as web entrepreneurs irrespective of the size of our business.

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If you own a small business or a blog and are looking to buy any of the services from Godaddy, here we share tips that can help you in buying cheap:

Take the Advantage of your First Purchase

At Godaddy, when you buy products/services for the first time, the rates are discounted prices of the real price. So, what you get for Rs. 99 per month when you purchase for the first time becomes Rs. 449 per month on renewal.

This is the reason, preferably, you should buy straight for a year or two if you are serious about your business or your blog. Let me explain this by giving you an example from the below screenshot.

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Now, if a person buys Web Hosting – Economy for one year in his first purchase, he’ll have to pay only Rs. 1188 + taxes but if a person buys Web Hosting – Economy for only one month and goes for renewal for a year, he’ll have to pay Rs. 99 + 4939 (49 x 11) = 5038 + taxes.

Isn’t that a huge difference? Well, so if you are a potential buyer and looking to buy services from, ensure you choose your months of service wisely.

Before Renewing Your Services, Contact Customer Care to Get Discounts at Godaddy

Not many know this, but you get maximum 25% discount if you call the customer care and ask them for discount before renewing your services. As per as my experience with the company, I have got discounts for renewing my hosting for 6 months and beyond.

This discount however lasts only till the call lasts. So, you’ll have to make an online purchase of the product/service while the customer care is on the call.

Therefore, if you want to renew any of your product/services for 6 months or beyond and you have sufficient fund to purchase, make a call to the customer care, share your requirement and the person on the line will be happy to help you with discounts that suits your purchase. Without making this call, you might lose the discount code and end up paying more.

Subscribe To Their Newsletter to Get Discount Codes and Coupons

From 25% to 40% , often surprise their customers in the mailbox with discounts on new purchase.

So, make sure, you have subscribed to their newsletters which hits your inbox and not in your junk mail. This can further help you to grab discount coupons and codes to buy any of the several products/services from Godaddy. You, however, cannot club two discounts together for a single purchase.

These are the three ways we often buy cheap from, if you have any other way or tips, please suggest the same in the comment section.

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