Government of India, Cow Slaughter, Statistics & Power Politics!

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A number of people are living under the illusion that (1) Government of India does not allow cow slaughter and export of its meat and (2) that the word beef implies Buffalo meat. 

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It means, they are OK with the Government slaughtering Buffaloes and exporting its meat. For them cow is the only animal to be revered.

काहे भाई? इतना racism काहे?
भैंस का क्या कसूर?
गाय को प्यार और भैंस को दुत्कार?

चलो, let me break your illusion about Cow Slughter in India

No. Beef produced in India does not necessarily imply Buffalo meat.
It includes Cow Meat as well.
Not convinced? Why?
Oh, because the WhatsApp message you received says otherwise? 😀 😀

Ok. Then let’s look at figures.

Firstly, there are more cows (77 million) in India than (she) buffaloes (57 million). It would be naive to expect that the govt would, for the sake of your religious sentiments, keep itself away from the profitable beef business, where beef of cow is more in demand worldwide (and fetches a higher price) than beef of buffaloes.

Secondly, the Government of India in its “Basic Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Statistics 2015” gives statistics of meat produced under different headings- viz. Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Pig, and Poultry (Pic 1). But it nowhere defines what “cattle” implies 😮 Cattle means both Oxen and Cow.

(Pic 2 and 3). So word cattle in Meat production chapter should imply meat of both Cow and Ox. Had it been only Ox, the Govt would have used the word OX and not cattle.

Thirdly, Cow slaughter is prohibited in 22 states of India. That means 7 states permit Cow slaughter. Where is the data for Cow slaughter in those states? Obviously, it is in under the “Cattle” heading.

Fourthly, in 22 states where cow slaughter is prohibited, cow slaughter does take place, albeit unofficially. The officials (police, doctors and babus) who check slaughtering have a greasy hand and get their ‘share’ from this business in lieu of allowing cows to be slaughtered.

For Eg. In Jharkhand, slaughtering of cows has been banned since long (First in 1956 vide Bihar Act 1956, and after bifurcation Jharkhand Bovine Animal Prohibition of Slaughter Act, 2005 was promulgated). However, cows used to be slaughtered with the connivance of officials.

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How long would it take for you to understand “Power Politics”? It’s power and money that matters to politicians, not your beliefs. They give a damn to your beliefs and mock at you in private. But, it is you, who in your political sycophancy, give a blind eye to their hypocrisy and elect them to power, thus giving them the right to screw you and your beliefs….

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