Herbalife Reviews – Awards And Accolades From 2020

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Herbalife Nutrition products are enjoyed in over 90 countries and are consumed by millions of people every day. Around the world, Herbalife has received awards and accolades for its healthy ingredients and attention to quality craftsmanship. Herbalife products are backed by studies, but they also taste great and work effectively. That’s why Herbalife has gathered several important awards and accolades over the years. In 2020, several countries offered Herbalife recognition for its healthy offerings. 

Thailand Accolade

In Thailand, the government knows how little time people have to shop and how complicated food and drink label information can be. That’s why they have a Healthier Choice logo that is put on select foods and drinks. This helps consumers in a rush to find healthier alternatives in the grocery store. Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 shake has again been given the Healthier Choice logo for 2020.

The products that have this label must be low in fat, sugar, and sodium. This helps consumers lower their risks of non-communicable diseases. This accolade has been important for Thai shoppers who want to find healthier items in the grocery store when there is little time to read and analyze labels. 

Germany Award

The H24 Rebuild Strength Herbalife product has won a Healthy Living Award in Germany. This is an exciting award from a major German magazine that recognizes innovations and trends in areas of healthy living. It won the award for the best fitness product in the magazine’s category of regeneration. The magazine uses independent experts in many fields to assess products and decide on the best in each category.

The product stood out among the competition for its high amount of protein, its level of iron, its low calories per serving, its lack of artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, and its other ingredients. The award is a great way to recognize healthy items on the market in Germany. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina Award

Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 won the five-star Quality Medal in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020. It was chosen by the customers themselves, and it won the award in the category of meal replacements for weight control. The award was given by 1,200 customers who found it to be the best quality in that category and added their Herbalife reviews.

In the Bosnian market, these customers voted Formula 1 as the best meal replacement product for weight control for its science-backed results and its quality ingredients. It was found to meet or exceed the expectations customers had for quality. It’s a great way to recognize the innovation, research, and service that consumers get from Herbalife. 

Four Awards in China

China’s most trusted organization that evaluates product quality, China’s Quality Inspection Association, has given Herbalife four important awards for its high level of product quality. China’s State Administration of Market Regulation oversees this organization’s findings. The organization is a non-profit made up of professionals and groups in the quality inspection and product quality industries.

Herbalife won the National Award for Enterprises Demonstrating Quality and Integrity in Products and Services for the high level of quality and safety Herbalife offers. It won the National Award for Consistent Production of Qualified Products Based on Quality Inspection for its adherence to the quality inspections criteria. 

Herbalife also won the National Award for Leading Enterprise on Quality and Integrity for its high-tech way of testing and manufacturing. Also, it won the National Award for the Leading Quality Brand in Health Foods Industry for its consistent adherence to ensuring the quality of its products as well as for encouraging better health-food product quality.

The many awards that Herbalife Nutrition was awarded in 2020 were thanks to the attention to quality, the use of healthy ingredients, and the way the independent distributor network provides support and encouragement to customers.

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