17 Ways to be a More Productive Student

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Become a productive student with these easy tips

You may be the smartest student there is and your paper writing skills may be impeccable but this is not always enough. If you often have to spend time in the environment that stresses you out and distracts you all the time, you may have a hard time to do all of your assignments properly and in time. So how can you become more productive? Read on to learn about the ways to increase your productivity as a student.

Getting ready

  • Choose the right placeNeed to get to some essay writing? Choose a quiet place with lots of natural light and fresh air. A comfortable desk is a must. If there’s no place like this at home, go to a library and choose a quiet place in a corner.
  • Keep everything you need close at hand.Textbooks, notebooks, your laptop, reference materials etc. Don’t forget to create a daily plan: list all tasks you need to complete.
  • Block any noise that might distract you.In case you study away from home, take earphones with you. Choose music that inspires productivity (classic music is usually a safe choice, unless it’s totally not your thing). The main thing is that it doesn’t distract you from working.
  • Get some sleep.To make sure your studying is productive, you’ll need to feel fully rested. So instead of watching a favorite TV show or doing some expressive writing in your blog late at night, get a good night’s sleep. Did you know that sleep helps fixing information in your long-term memory?

Healthy diet

  • Balanced breakfast is what’s the most important.To get the energy you need, use a wise approach to your morning menu. Combine proteins, fruits and wholesome fats.
  • Eat food that improves your brain activity for lunch.Sardines, spinach and lens are just a few great options.
  • Nuts make the best snacks.They improve your memory and help you being more productive.
  • If you feel like you are falling asleep right over your textbooks, drink some coffee or take a bite of black chocolate. Energy drinks are not the best option but if you did drink some don’t mix them with coffee.

Follow time management rules

  • When trying to learn something new, set your timer to 30-60 minutes. After this interval is over, take a break and do something different: have a walk, look in the window, do a small workout or have some tea. If you are preparing for an exam, get a list of questions and practice writing down the answers. This way you’ll memorize them much better.
  • Answer questions out loud. Create a concise outline of your answer in writing and then say it out loud. This will help you analyze the information and fix it in your memory.

Get rid of the things that distract you

  • Use your phone for emergencies only. You can have a look and see who called you or sent you a message during one of your breaks. You definitely need to forget about chatting, social networks and browsing pictures. In case you have some very important work to do and need to focus, set your smartphone to the airplane mode.
  • Warn your friends, family and roommates that you won’t be available in the nearest few hours.
  • Avoid checking on the news and Internet surfing on a daily basis. Put it all off till you’ve completed your assignment.
  • Switch your TV off. Multitasking doesn’t work; background noise won’t let you memorize important information.

Get some rest

  • Don’t forget to take 20-30-minute breaks from time to time. Find a comfy place – a favorite couch, chair or a bed, make yourself comfortable and use eyeshades. Just relax and take a nap. In case you are afraid you’ll fall asleep for too long, set an alarm.
  • Meditate and do some breathing exercises. They will help you get rid of stress and renew your ability to focus.
  • Do stretching exercises or regular workouts. This will help you relax and make your blood rush to your brain, which helps improving cognitive capacity and lower your stress level.

Whether you are preparing for an exam, working on an important assignment or practicing some professional writing, these tips might help you to be a more productive student.

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