7 Tips To Become a Successful Freelance Content Writer!

Being a freelance content writer, there are several things one must follow in order to be successful. One of the main aspect is to know how to build your competencies in order to become a successful freelancing content writer. While, there are professionals who can  help you at WritingDone, here we share tips that can help you as a freelance writer –

1) You have to build a regular writing habit.

The most important lesson for a budding content writer is to cultivate the habit of writing consistently and regularly. Even if you are very creative and can write well under pressure, the habit of writing has to be maintained without fail. You must set realistic expectations and improve your writing skills..

Keeping an open mind often helps. If you are unable to write perfectly, you need not publish it but you should keep writing to maintain the flow and follow your drift. Each and every person has their own unique balance, so you should take the time to find yours.

2) You should take a data-driven approach.

Measuring your work is also necessary. Your writing should be based on the data and tie it together. Going deep with your metrics will help that. Staying focussed on the facts or information available for your piece is the only approach you should take.

3) You should save your research.

Every writer has their own way of researching. Some read books, some read blogs online, some watch inspirational movies or documentaries, and so on.  By doing research, they get inspired for their passion of writing. That’s why, you must save all your researched data so that you can track it and use it to write, when need be.

4) You Should know what you are best at

Each and every freelance content writer has their own forms and styles of writing. You should know which style or form you excel in. Then you can focus and work on that and become a pro in no time.  

5) You should know the industry terms.

The most commonly-used industry terms that a freelance content writer should know and use are- CTR(Click-Through-Rate), Lead-Gen(Lead Generation), CTA( Call to Action)Conversion Funnel, Backlinks, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords, LTK(Long Tail Keywords), CPC(Cost Per Click), Editorial Calendar,  UTM to name a few.

6) Draft Your Pitch and Search Your Clients.

There are two ways you can get started. Here we share both the ways –

  1. Finding full-time work and turning those opportunities into freelance gigs
  2. By writing business proposal and then mastering your business pitch: 

7.) Set Your Rates As a Freelance Content Writer

Before you get into the details with your clients, ensure that the payments is enough for you to make a living. Calculate the time you spend on your complete work and then quote to your client accordingly.

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