Know How to File a RERA Complaint

Many home buyers know that Real Estate Authority act has been instigated and it protects their rights as a consumer against the errant real estate builders and developers, however, many of us still remain ignorant when it comes to filing a complaint under RERA. Here’s a step by step guide on how to file a RERA complaint –


How to file a complaint Under RERA?

As a buyer if your rights are dishonoured or any provisions of the RERA Act is breached, you can fill a complaint against allotters, promoters and/or real estate agents under Section 31 of RERA either with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority or the adjudicating officer. You will have to do this online by visiting the respective state government RERA portal. The fees for filing vary from state to state. For example, in Karnataka, the fee is Rs 1,000 while in Maharashtra the fee is Rs 5,000.

Filing RERA complaint With the Authority: Step-by-Step guide

Step 1 – As a complainant, you need to visit the official RERA website of the respective state where the property of dispute stands. Once you are on the online site, you need to search for ‘Complaint Registration.’

Step 2 – Click on the complaint registration link. You will now have a complaint form in front of you. Fill in the details. You will have to fill in personal details including your full name, address along with the project particulars (Building Name, Flat Number, Total Value of Flat, Amount paid till date, date of possession and details of the builder). You can also scan and attach supporting documents.

Step 3 – Once the form is fully filled, as a complainant you would need to pay a fee. This fee varies state to state. Online payment mode is also available for completing the transaction.

Know How to File a RERA Complaint with Different States

To file a RERA Complaint in Maharashtra, click here.

To file a complaint under RERA in Uttar Pradesh, click here

To download Karnataka RERA complaint form, click here

To file a RERA complaint in the state of Haryana, click here to know the step by step process

To fill a RERA complaint in Punjab to the regulatory authority, click here. To complain to the Adjudicating Officer, click here

If you are a home buyer in Gujarat, you can file a complaint by downloading the Form A. Click here to download the form.

For Andhra Pradesh, click here to know the entire process of registering a RERA complaint against the developers, builders and/or the real estate agents.

To file a RERA Complaint in Tamil Nadu, download the form 8 from the official RERA website.

To file a complaint under RERA in Madhya Pradesh, click here

For Chattisgarh, here’s a detailed form that you can fill and submit online.

Homebuyers can file their complaints under the new real estate Act in Haryana. Click here to file a RERA complaint in Haryana.

To register your complaint with Goa RERA, fill the RERA complaint form here.

For the state of Odisha, check the official site to download the form to complain the regulatory authority or Adjudicating officer.

Why to Choose RERA?

A quasi-judicial authority meant only for real estate issues, RERA offers an early resolution of a complaint as compared to other legal forums for the issue like NCDRC – The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). You can expect a fast and better resolution with RERA. Besides, if you have a pending case with NCDRC then you can withdraw the case and approach the RERA authority directly.

RERA is Buyer Friendly

The best part of the RERA Act is that it is consumer friendly and the dispute is resolved at the earliest as statutorily the Authority is required to dispose of the dispute within a period of sixty days from the date of receipt of the application.

These are some of the benefits of filing a complaint under RERA:

  1. Buyers can claim compensation for delayed projects
  2. Promoters cannot manipulate the law
  3. It doesn’t take years to resolve the issue but is quick and fast

When to file a RERA complaint?

It is advisable to contact RERA and file a case as soon as a violation has occurred as complaints under RERA have to comply with the time periods as per the Limitation Act. Any unjustified delay may weaken your case and you may not be able to seek the relief you desire. Under Real Estate Regulatory Act, there is no specific time frame for you to file a complaint however, it is advisable to contact the authorities well in time so that they can pay heed to your case soon.

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