How to Make Money From Essay Writing in India?

The Internet is a magnificent phenomenon in the life of several generations of people. Today, it is more than a simple flow of data but a whole world where people can find hobby, job, friends, love, and perform multiple miscellaneous operations for a fruitful being. Earning money on the web has become a regular activity for any category of people. Indeed, development of social networks and other content resources like YouTube has produced dozens or hundreds of millionaires. Besides, many people opt for a freelance work experience that also provides numerous benefits.

The topic of the present publication deals with another direction of freelance activities. The readers will find out how to earn income via essay writing online in India. Unlike most of the similar topics available on the web, this one is based on the real experience of an individual who has passed a long way from asking Google about “India freelance writing” to becoming a reputable professional with almost a five-year experience.

Customers & Promotion

Being a freelancer means to be a contractor. Otherwise speaking, you perform some work for a customer. A freelancer is an expert possessing certain skills. Still, to take advantage of these skills one has to find someone who is ready to pay for them. So, any endeavor to start earning money on writing essays or publications is based on self-promotion.

There is a plenty of resources where one can start a freelance career. All you need is to ask a search engine about “freelance writing jobs”, “writing job online” or any similar request. However, it is quite difficult to achieve success on the shown websites from the scratch. Freshers do not enjoy popularity on such giant resources as UpWork, Freelancer, and others. However, the principal character of the present article managed to find the solution via Facebook. A nursery pot of writing jobs in India was found in the group Media Jobs Daily. It means that today social networks give more opportunities to elicit own potential than versatile famous flabby websites.

Essay Writing Job: Getting Work

A good beginning is an investment in your reputation. For this reason, finding the first customer, as well as satisfying its demands, is deemed the most significant part of your future work. Even if you found the proper place with a number of job offers, you have to catch a customer.

Here are the following baits for you to succeed:

CV or Profile

Regardless of how you call it, you need to provide a decent description of you and your skills, experience, achievements and all possible regalia. Everything must look attractive and mannered. If you are going to deal with writing, the style and language of your CV have to indicate on your professionalism.

The lack of experience is naturally a flaw. Still, try to shift emphasis to your advantages rather than drawbacks. At the same time, deception is not welcomed.

Work Samples

You might have participated in writing some college articles or have a popular LiveJournal profile with decent posts. Everything matters and can be helpful for your future freelance activity. If nothing is available, make it. It is a proper time to create a portfolio and brush up your essay writing skills in versatile areas and for different topics. Though you won’t get money for them, consider them as the investment.

Labor Hardship

Frankly speaking, it is not always easy to make exactly what a customer wants. It is a regular practice to miss the desired point. And it is not necessarily your fault. Sometimes, an insufficiently explained task may frustrate both the customer and the contractor. However, you must never lose heart. Mistakes are intended to make us better.

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