How to View your Credit Card Statements Online

how to view your credit card statements online

A credit card statement is an essential financial document containing valuable credit card information. It is distributed once a month and includes information about all the various purchases and amounts credited to the card. Credit card statement is long in nature since it requires information about each transaction you have performed. All the details found in the declaration must be checked as it helps to monitor the way you use your credit card.

If you are using a credit card, a statement recording all transactions that you made during last month will be sent to you each month. The Credit Card statement will be sent to you by mail at your mailing address or as an eMail statement or both, depending on how you want to receive it.  The monthly declaration is an important document you need to carefully review. Contact the bank immediately when you notice an illegal or suspicious transaction.

Understanding Credit Card Statement

When you display your Credit Card statement, what are the key items to check for?

  • Transactions: The statement will list in time all transactions you made during the reporting span (a period of one month preceding the statement date). The transaction can be separately listed, both nationally and internationally. The date on which you made the transaction, the summary and the value of the transaction are included with each transaction. It also contains credits such as a credit card charge that you might have charged or a refund that you may have got on your account.
  • Dates: Check the date of filing and most significantly, the due date of payment (this is the date on which you pay the cumulative duties to escape funding penalties and late payment charges)
  • Dues: Review your overall duties and the minimal sum you owe (this is the amount of all your transactions during the reporting period plus any past dues) for your payments.
  • Limits: Check the credit cap (how much in a month you can spend), the credit limit available (the loans limit except what you have already spent) and the cash limit available (how much you can borrow from ATMs).
  • Overview of the Account: It offers a description of how much the bank has paid, how much and how much you have invested.
  • Rewards and Offers: You can also collect the points and swap them for enticing gifts from the bank’s rewards catalog if you use a credit card. Credit card declarations typically contain a portion to remind the cardholder of ongoing incentives they can redeem. This is the most common manner in which the banks keep their clients updated to strengthen and enhance their shopping experience.

How to get your Credit Card Statements Online & Offline?

A consumer can use both credit card  online statement and offline:

●       Credit Card Online Statement:

Banks typically send a credit card statement every month on the same date known as the billing date to the registered email ID of the card holder. Another way to view your declaration of credit card online is to log into the net banking portal of your bank. You will be presented with your new credit card statement. Banks are also sending an SMS notifying customers of the total amount due on their credit card and the minimum amount due.

●       Credit Card Offline Statement:

 In this situation, the bank sends the customer’s credit card declaration at their home. Through calling the customer service department or visiting your nearest branch, you can ask for a copy of the statement from the bank.


Checking your credit card statement on a monthly basis is important, whether you’re planning to take a loan or not. You can access credit card online statements within minutes. All you need to do is visit the Finserv MARKETS App or website, where you can obtain all the information regarding it. You will also find out your performance across parameters, providing you with financial perspective for making key decisions. What’s more, you can also apply for hassle-free personal loan, business loan, or home loan with minimal documentation.

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