Ishqbaaz Latest News: This Is how Svetlana Will Be Exposed by Oberoi brothers!

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Thanks to Anika, the Oberoi brothers finally know that Svetlana is behind them in Ishqbaaz serial. While, they have enough proof they are waiting to expose her in front of all.

However, Svetlana and Tia both know that Anika has doubt on Svetlana so they too have become alert. And, we are wondering in this cat and mouse game how will the Oberoi brother expose Svetlana. Check out the analysis:

Svetlana and Tia Will Be Using Pinky Oberoi

According to Ishqbaaz latest news and going by yesterday’s episode, Tia will start doing her work of instigating Pinky Oberoi against Anika.

No wonder, Pinky dislikes Anika. Besides, the prime objective of Svetlana – Tia is to keep Anika away from Shivaay as they think Anika is a major hurdle in their mission. So, Tia will try her best to provoke Pinky against Anika by acting innocent.

Ishqbaaz Latest News: Anika Will Know Tia and Svetlana’s Connection?

Anika knows that Tia isn’t pregnant and she knows that she can go to any extent to hurt her. So, when she’ll use Pinky against her, Anika will know what is coming across her. We are sure she will keep a watch on her or perhaps even Shivaay too will watch her closely. After all, even he believes that Tia is not pregnant because of him.

This can give the Oberoi brothers some sort of clue about Tia and Svetlana. Though they’ll not immediately know the real story, we are sure they’ll know that Tia is helping Svetlana in her mission.

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On a Mission, Oberoi Brothers Will Get Evidence to Expose Svetlana

The best part is that not one but four people are involved here. However, Svetlana and Tia thinks only Anika has doubts on them. This make things interesting. Because when they’ll be plotting against Anika and Shivaay, Om and Rudra might expose her easily in front of the entire family.

We are sure Svetlana will be exposed soon by Oberoi brothers – When is something we have to wait and watch. What do you think?

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