Ishqbaaz Serial Update: Will Priyanka Fall in Love With ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa?

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While, we are enjoying Shivaay – Anika love story along with Rudra – Soumya romance in Ishqbaaz serial, looks like there is yet another love affair booming in the storyline of Ishqbaaz.

Priyanka Oberoi (Shubha Rajput), the laadli sister of the Oberoi brothers is in constant touch with ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, who doesn’t seem to let her go even for a day.

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ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa Is Following Priyanka Everywhere

Like a shadow, ACP has been following Priyanka everywhere. He is not allowing her to live in peace even for a moment. Constantly, he keeps on reminding her about the accident that made his sister’s life miserable.

While, Priyanka is sorry and even has apologized for her mistake, the ACP doesn’t seem to let her go. Instead, he wants to see Priyanka in pain – the same suffering he had to go after his sister went into coma.

Ishqbaaz Serial Update: ACP Now Seems to be In Love With Priyanka

However, going by the situation now and seeing ACP’s behavior towards Priyanka, looks like he is in love with her. After all, the intensity with which he fought the perverts who took Priyanka’s MMS proved many things.

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Though Priyanka hates ACP to the core for torturing her, you never know if too she might fall in love with him. What do you think?

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