A Guide to Keep Your Invisalign Braces Clean

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If you’ve embarked on your teeth straightening journey with invisalign braces, stay assured that it’s going to be smooth and worthwhile!

To create a lovely smile without encountering any snags throughout the journey, it is vital to keep your invisalign braces clean. This would prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth and keep the transparency of your braces intact.

A Few Easy Tips to Keep Your Aligners Clean

1. Remove Your Aligners Before Eating

With clear aligners, you can enjoy the convenience of removing them whenever you want to. Thus, to have your meals, you can simply pull them out each time before you eat. This way, you can have your favourite cuisines without any limitations, prevent food from getting stuck in your teeth or aligners, and maintain your oral hygiene.

2. Clean Your Aligners When You Remove Them

Whenever you remove your invisalign braces for any purpose, it is advisable to clean them before wearing them back. Leaving your braces exposed to air might lead to accumulation of bacteria or impurities on your braces, which you might transfer to your mouth. Even if you store them in the invisalign case, it is preferable to clean and dry them before wearing them again.

3. Keep Your Aligners In A Case

Usually, with your invisalign braces, you receive a hard plastic case to store them whenever you take them off. It is strictly advised to not store them in a napkin or any other paper/cloth; otherwise, you might accidentally throw them off or place a heavy object on them; thus, damaging your aligners.

4. Floss And Brush Your Teeth and Aligners

With aligners, you can floss and brush your teeth as well as aligners comfortably. But, how to do it? Simply remove your aligners, brush your teeth, and wear them again. However, you cannot do this with metal braces.

Also, to maintain the invisibility and transparency of your invisalign braces, it is important to clean      them regularly with an appropriate solution.

5. Avoid These Basic Mistakes While Cleaning

There are a few common mistakes which people usually make.

  • Using solutions with harsh ingredients for cleaning braces
  • Soaking aligners in a mouthwash
  • Rinsing the aligners with very hot or cold  water

All these mistakes can stain or damage your aligners, and you might have to buy a new set of Invisalign braces, adding up to your cost.

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Maintain the Transparency of Your Clear Aligners

It is important to maintain the transparency and invisibility of the aligners throughout your teeth straightening process. Just a few basic things to add to your oral care routine and you’re done!

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