10 Problems with Meal Replacement Shakes

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When a new brand of diet supplement comes to the market, the major question is whether it really works. The reality is that most of the products for losing weight are the well marketed but un-efficient solutions. This statement does not relate to all meal replacement brands. However, the bulk of products does not deserve your attention. Hence, it is interesting how a regular user can answer the question “does Yoli Yes work” or “is Shakeology effective”. Multiple reviews and feedbacks are often controversial, thus give no clear results.

meal replacement shakes

Some people endeavour to follow the current trend of using weight loss products within a diet. At the same time, various meal replacement shakes hide serious danger to health.

Aren’t Whole Foods

Even the top-notch MR shake cannot be compared to a real food providing essential vitamins and nutrients to the body. For this reason, shakes producers recommend to avoid using their merchandise more than twice a day.

Can Upset Digestion

A human body is a complex but well-laid-out structure consisting of hundreds of biological processes. Digestion is responsible for extracting required elements for multiple body functions. Regular use of meal replacement drinks can cause the violation of digestion process followed by other adverse reactions.

Low Nutrient Absorption

The content of nutrients may be praiseful but all the elements are added artificially namely fortified. Therefore, the body can reject some of them.

Contain Inflammatory Additives

The pursuit of weight loss efficiency can induce manufacturers to add non-healthy ingredients that, in turn, will be quite effective for weight management. You lose weight along with your health.

Contain Synthetic Nutrients

Even if a merchandise claims an enormous amount of nutrients, eating a regular carrot or apple will be much more effective in terms of nutrient procurement. Synthetic means unnatural. And the body is not exactly mad about unnatural elements getting inside.

Contain Preservatives and Artificial Sweeteners

Various preservatives are inherent to junk food and semi-finished products. When you fight against obesity, these foods should be eliminated from your ration first of all. However, what is the point of healthy nutrition if you find the same components in your diet supplement?

Low in Fiber

This element is essential for a well-functioning digestion. Many brands neglect the amount of finer in their merchandise while they should not.

High in Sugar

Unfortunately, sugar is the main ally of excess weight and all issues related to obesity. Cakes, candies, muffins and miscellaneous delicious confectioneries are banned due to their negative effect on your body composition. Most shakes cannot do without sugar since it gives them flavour.

Too Much Protein

It should seem that protein is the absolutely nonhazardous element. However, the balance should be kept in any aspect of healthy nutrition. If a meal replacement shake is packed with protein, a user must take care of processing this amount in full. Otherwise, excess protein will convert into glucose.

Side Effects

A list of side effects caused by meal replacement shakes is enormous. Diarrhea, bloating, nausea, stomach pains and other concerns can be a frustrative result of your weight loss undertakings.


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