Men’s Fashion: Find Your Rugged Style!

Some of us like the rugged look, a portrait that speaks of weathered trails. Durability and toughness is an important pre-requisite when we are looking for shoes. Find footwear that exhibits the latest men’s fashion, trends and designs, while also offering tough-as-nails resilience to the elements and the roads you tread on.

Speak Easy with Sandals

Sandals are a delightful option for the hot months and can be worn with your regular denims and shorts. You can even try them out with cargos. A pair of sturdy sandals is a no-maintenance investment, and you do not have to do much to maintain them.

Rugged designs that blend thick soles offering grip and classic design elements are quite popular nowadays. Enjoy a fusion of traditional sandals with the compactness of a shoe. Earthy colours are a top seller when it comes to sandals and darker shades like black and grey are also very popular.

Go Classy with Suede

A favourite brand for many, Woodland products promise long lives and unbeatable finishing. Usually associated with outdoors and rugged styles, you can also browse through an enterprising range of casual shoes, which can fit in any occasion.

Suede is one of the classiest materials when it comes to shoes. You can pick up some unorthodox shades like red and dark green leather casual shoes and combine with a fitting pair of chinos.

A light cotton shirt and blazer can complete this quintessential smart casual look. Casual shoes in shades of brown have a sophisticated element to them and can also be worn in more formal settings.

Boots – A Timeless Classic

A symbol of unchartered territory, boots seem to last forever. A good pair of boots is like a book of stories, accompanying you over the years and being part of your adventures. It is also a great way to make a fashion statement.

Pick up a grey and red pair of boots, a funky colour combination that celebrates a retro look. Pair them with your favourite jeans and a flannel shirt to complete your ensemble. You can also opt for a grungier look with your ankle high boots by wearing half-cargos and a graphic tee with them.

Boots can also be worn with casual trousers, folded a little at the bottom. Top it up with a fitting v-neck tee, and you are ready for an evening out with friends. If you want to pull off a Euro- inspired semi-casual look, wear your boots with slim jeans and combine with a v-neck sweater, shirt and slim blazer.

To augment the all-terrain look, pick up a backpack and casual trousers in military shades. There are plenty of designs to choose from for all body types. Buy t-shirts on fashion portals like abof where you can browse through the latest collections and also get men’s fashion tips on what to wear them with.

Enjoy exploring the latest selection of jackets to go with your shoes and look at ways to accessorise and add to your favourite look.

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