5 Simple Grooming Tips for Men To Look Sharp

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This is a guest post by Neha Chaudhary

Access to popular and expensive fashion brands does not equal to a good and sharp dressing sense. Dressing up sharply requires a lot of thinking and rather an extra investment of your time from you. It’s only when you start noticing the details of your outfit and give them a thorough thought, that you start learning about your style and the fashion blunders you have been committing.

However you are better off with some grooming tips that will help you change your style game:


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Put Your Best Foot Forward

There are some types of shoes which every man must own in his wardrobe such as dressy shoes, oxford shoes, sneakers and boots. These shoes usually go with almost all outfits which means you won’t end up with a mismatched look.

You can browse through a best variety of collection by looking at Red Chief shoes price list online and shop for amazing pairs. Ensure that your shoe game is strong for a sharp and polished look.

Grooming Tips for Men – Aim For a Grown Up Look

If you decide to put on a look which will instantly take away some years off your age, you are doing it wrong. Go for a mature look instead as it’s more tasteful and blends in. A hip hop or bohemian style will work against you if you are aiming for a neat and sharp look.

Remember that you are perceived in the manner in which you are dressed. So take out the teenage looks out from your mind and instead step into grown up shoes to make a commanding look.

Be Cautious of Fashion Trends

While it’s lucrative to watch fashion shows on TV and read fashion magazines to find out about the latest trends men are donning, let’s get real. There are only a few ramp looks which you can actually imitate in your real life and get away with easily. Don’t go with trends that will fade out soon as they are only going to lying as waste in your wardrobe in a matter of few weeks.

Shop for wardrobe staples as they are versatile and you can mix and match them for various looks. Build a foolproof wardrobe and you will be closer to your aim.

Good Pair of Formal Clothes

It should come off as no surprise to you that formal clothes are an instant ticket for looking attractive and sharp. Be it a crisp white shirt which goes with trousers as well as denims or a royal looking tuxedo, there isn’t anything like formals to spruce up your look.

Invest your money in a few but quality shirts and trousers. A suit preferably black or navy blue should be present in your closet. I am talking of these colors as they are universal. 

Grooming Tips – Pay Attention to Details

A collar neck tee looks better than a round tee. An ill-fitted clothing piece will give you a shabby look no matter how branded and expensive it may be. Your good looks wouldn’t matter if you smell bad. Couple it with no haircut days which will bring down your look. Don’t forget grooming essentials to strike a sharp appearance. Similarly wearing well-ironed clothes is a must.

Keep these considerations in mind and soon you will be making an instant style statement everywhere you go without even putting in many efforts. Make a versatile wardrobe that transits from one season to another easily.

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