Essential Tools that Every Electrician Must Have in their Tool Box – A List

essential tools for electricians

Any worker relies on the right tools for safety, comfort, and accuracy in their work. Similarly, electricians also need tools to carry out electrical tasks in a residential or commercial space. These electrical tools are available specifically with established suppliers like Mektronics Australia and other global as well as local companies that deal exclusively into electric equipment and tool kits.

Without the right equipment, you won’t be equipped to deliver quality work, no matter how skilled and experienced you are. Here is a list of some of the must-have tools that every electrician needs in his/her tool box, categorised as per their use and purpose.

Basic Tools for Maintenance

  • Pliers: Any electrician can have different types of pliers in his/her toolbox, such as side-cutting pliers, needle nose pliers, reaming pliers, lineman pliers, cutting pliers, etc. They are commonly used for gripping, cutting, bending, twisting, and straightening wires or tightening caps, fittings, and nuts.
  • Screwdrivers: Used for fastening and loosening hardware
  • Tape Measure: Essential for finding exact measurements while stripping and cutting wiring
  • Electrical Tape: Made up of vinyl, fiberglass cloth or plastic, this adhesive tape is used for insulating materials and wires.
  • Cable Ties: Used for binding wires and cables together in a neat and organised way
  • Electric Drill: Useful while installing lighting fixtures or disassembling while working with the wiring
  • Level: Helps in finding exact placement points

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Specific Electrician Tools

  • Cable Lugs: Connects wires with other cables, devices and appliances that need power
  • Coax Connector: Keeps the cables and devices connected while protecting the cables against shredding
  • Wire Strippers: Helpful in stripping the plastic coating from the wires to access copper
  • Fish Tape: Used for running a wire between electric components and gang boxes through conduit piping
  • Fishing Rods: Made up of fiberglass, these rods are used for installing wires below the carpets, above ceilings, or through walls.
  • Terminal Block: Helpful in grouping several cables and wires together
  • Voltage Tester: Allows an electrician to test power outlets at different sections
  • Reaming Bit: Attaches to the drill to widen its opening so that one piping end can be connected with another to complete a conduit
  • Conduit Bender: Curves conduit piping to accommodate wiring routes
  • Splicing Connector: These are plastic clips used to make quick connections with several pieces of wire.
  • Head Torch: When there is no electricity, electricians often need to work in the dark. A head torch gives them a stream of light while keeping their hands free.

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Essential Tools for Safety

  • Insulated Gloves: Provide an extra protective layer while working with electricity. They are available in so many styles for comfort and fitting and can be chosen as per the working requirements.
  • Fire-Resistant Work Shirt: Electricians need protection against risky fires, electrocutions, and arc flashes. For this, they must wear a work shirt made up of a flame-retardant material that prevents serious injuries due to burns.
  • Safety Glasses: While operating electrical tools or working with electrical wires, electricity must keep their eyes protected by wearing safety glasses.
  • Rescue Rod: These rods or hooks are useful in removing people or items from hazardous areas. Since electrical current may still be present in an electrocuted area, these rods pull the victims away without harming the person who is pulling.

High-Tech Tools

  • Circuit Analyzers: These are digital electrician tools that provide instant details about the circuit connected with an outlet, including line voltage, polarity, reversals, etc.
  • Circuit Finders: If the electricians find it difficult to find which outlet is connected to which circuit, they can use a circuit finder fitted with a small receiver and a digital transmitter.
  • Multi-functional Tester or MFT: Helps ensure that an installation is done correctly and the test readings are as per the laid guidelines.

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The above are some of the essential tools that every electrician needs to have as part of their tool kit. However, make sure to source them from a reliable supplier, such as Mektronics Australia, to ensure quality and reliability.

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