Nandini in Anupamaa Serial Had an Emotional Past: Know Her Story!

nandini in anupamaa serial

Nandini in Anupamaa serial is a happy go lucky girl and is as sweet as the main lead Anupama. However, despite appearing calm and composed amongst people it seems that she is battling with her personal life – fighting her own inner demons alone. No wonder, she neither responded to Samar’s feelings nor wants to talk about it.

Well, we all know there’s something in her past and here we are revealing her past story by connecting the dots.

Kavya Once Talked about Nandini’s Mistake

Remember the day when Kavya gets ready to get married to Vanraj? And how Nandini tries her best to stop Kavya from committing this mistake? Not to forget, Kavya doesn’t pay any heed to Nandini’s requests, instead she reminds Nandini of how she left her everything for love at a very young age without thinking much about anything or anybody.

Nandini in Anupamaa Serial was Once Madly in Love with Someone

Kavya clearly blurts out how Nandini shouldn’t preach her anything as she was the one who did everything to get her love once. Reminding Nandini about her past decisions, Kavya firmly maintains that she must know and understand her maasi’s condition. Without caring much, Kavya recollects how Nandini too fell in love at a young age and didn’t care about anybody’s opinion, not even hers.

If you watch episode 76, you will indeed hear this conversation and even witness how Nandini actually sees her hand bracelet and tattoo emotionally – clearly indicating that Nandini did have an emotional past.

Perhaps it is because of this past Nandini doesn’t want any kind of relationship between her and Samar and just wants to be friends. Maybe she has not yet come out of her pain and wants enough time to heal from her emotional past.

It would be therefore interesting to see how Samar will help her out of this and eventually make Nandini fall in love with him – Aren’t you excited to see that?

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