Top Reasons to Consider a New Domain Extension for your Website

The internet is filled with incorrect spellings, skipped vowels, and crazy characters just to get a short domain to fit companies’ requirement. If you’re guilty of doing this, then you know you do not have the domain name that which you always wanted.

However, with the changing times and the advent of new domain extensions, you can now easily avail the perfect domain that you are looking for and that too at affordable rates. Still thinking it over? Here are the top reasons to consider a new domain extension for your website.

Better availability. If your desired domain name is taken, you can use other domain extensions that can add value to your business. For instance, journalists can use .press or a photographer can use .photography. If you prefer generic ones, .online and .site are also viable options.

Price options. Many .com domain names that don’t even make sense in the dictionary can cost thousands of dollars. The same names or even better names could be purchased on almost every new extension like IN, UK, AU domain for way less.

Google too won’t penalize new domain extensions. The search engine giant too has applied and owned many new domain extensions like .how, which shows that moving your existing website to a new extension won’t greatly impact search history and rankings.

Better site name. New domain names now allow businesses the flexibility to give memorable and meaningful names to their businesses. For instance, a fish enthusiast can create a website like, which makes so much sense even if it’s available in a .com domain.

Better branding and shorter URLs. Shorter names can improve brand recall. For example, searching ‘anchor host’ in Google will put ‘’ as the top result. Anchor Hosting, a WordPress hosting and maintenance expert, ditched the longer version as the new domain extension .host worked better for them.

Many companies, influencers, and even celebrities have already started using it. One ‘social proof’ to consider a new domain name is Besides, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has gone ahead and acquired the domain to start a blog.

Chance to beat the competition. The new domain extensions are relatively in their early days and with time, the demand will only rise further. Taking advantage of them right now will not only keep you ahead but also restrict your competitors from using it.

Identify yourself as a local business. If you prefer to maintain a local image as your business grows into new areas, then adopting local domain is a healthy choice. If your business has an address in Down Under, AU domain is perfect. The same is true for .ny, .dubai, .berlin, and .london. Interestingly, the Eiffel tower has moved its official page to

Convinced yet? Whether you’re a longstanding business with online presence or a startup looking to buy your first domain name and hosting plan, consider the benefits of using the new domain extensions to your brand and overall business goal.

As you look for a host, it’s always a good thing to check whether the provider has a good track record of delivering good services and after-sales support to customers.

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