Newlyweds: How to Hack the House Hunting Stage

When getting married, you mostly focus on the wedding and honeymoon, forgetting one essential step, house hunting.  House hunting is the first major decision that you’ll make together, and while it may seem romantic at first, the frustration that comes with it will soon overwhelm you.

Since each of you has different preferences in the type of house they want, finding the ‘perfect’ home to settle in becomes a huge challenge.

In this article, I will share with you some hacks that might be helpful in your house hunting as newlyweds.

1. Budgeting

By the time you are house hunting, both of you are probably broke as most of your money was spent on the wedding and honeymoon. You are therefore looking for a cheaper apartment where you can settle down as you strategize on how to be financially stable.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you go for a shady, cheap home. It’s vital that you consider a beautiful place to start your marriage. You can search and find the best-furnished flats in Vienna, Tokyo, Dubai, London, Delhi, Paris and/or any other prime city to settle in the country you desire as you decide on the kind of home you want.

2. Consider your priorities and future

As a couple, you will now have to make decisions based on each other’s priorities and goals. The apartment you chose should favor both of you. If possible, do not rush into buying permanent homes, carefully assess your circumstances before making the decision.

You should also look into your futures together, how many kids you want, what you expect from your jobs, and even how long you plan to stay in that town. That way, you’ll have an idea on the kind of apartment you want, in terms of location and size.

3. Consult a Real Estate Agent

While this may seem like an extra cost, it will actually save you a lot of time and money that you would have spent in your search. An experienced agent will be able to take note of both your preferences in an apartment and direct you to a residence that is friendly to your budget and also designed to suit your preferences.

Your agent will also advise against some places in the city that may not be the best for you, or even point out some of the factors that you may be overlooking, such as flood zone areas.

4. Be ready to compromise

The truth is, on your first house hunt, you’ll probably not find the ‘dream house‘ that you wanted. You will also be stuck in an apartment with some things that you don’t like, but your partner does.

You should, therefore, be ready to compromise on some of your ideas for you to settle comfortably.


Starting your life as a couple is a fantastic experience, one filled with its fair share of highs and lows. House hunting is just a small piece in the hustles and challenges you’ll face. However, if you want a smooth transition to this life, try following the tips mentioned above.

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