NSA Use in MP: Is Congress Playing the soft Hindutva politics?

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I am unable to understand whether Congress is seriously on the Cow Politics path or if they are completely clueless about how to handle the current socio-political scenario.

A few days back the Madhya Pradesh Police invoked the National Security Act against 3 men who were charged with Cow Slaughter.

The NSA is usually brought in when National Security is the concern so this move was considered to be preposterous.

As I understand the NSA can be invoked by the Police themselves who at the end report to the State Home Minister who can easily over rule these charges.

As an after effect, many of the Congress supporters did raise their voices against this and also wrote letters against this to the Central Administration of INC.

Yes, the usual known Congress Bhakts did try to lamely support this trying to give the weirdest explanations for it, but let’s ignore the Bhakts.

Chidambaram went on record and said that this move was not appreciated by Rahul Gandhi and he has communicated this to Kamal Nath.

Chidambaram also said that the MP Govt was mulling about revoking the powers that the SP has of invoking NSA and give it to someone who would handle it in a more responsible fashion. The action was being considered and not taken as yet.

So far so good.

Now, yesterday, in a new case, two more men have been booked under the NSA for transporting cattle.


Has the Congress learnt nothing from the feedback they are getting from their own people?

Or are they deliberately ignoring it to play the soft Hindutva politics?

You decide that for yourself.

But if the Congress does want to create an impression on the mind of the swing voters that they are a party which is better than BJP when it comes to secularism then this is what they have to do:

1. Revoke the NSA on those who have been charged with it ASAP
2. Set up an enquiry against those officials who have invoked the NSA in such an irresponsible fashion and suspend them till action is taken
3. Revoke the powers of charging someone with NSA from the SP level and give it to someone higher up

All of this can be easily done without any excuses or changing any laws. All it needs is the will of the State Govt to do it.

This is no longer about building Gau Shalas. People are being arrested under ridiculous charges. This needs to stop.

The reason that “But Congress has to look at the long-term vision of not upsetting the voters for 2019” just doesn’t hold any water any more.

The Congress needs to come clean with its actions and tell its possible voters…….. Are they going to be fair and judicious? Or are they also in this for the power and electoral victories by appeasing the Hindu majority just like BJP did minus perhaps the lynching?

Disclaimer: When the lines between the “lesser evil” are blurring quite fast, it’s a matter of time before both “evils” start appearing the same.

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