Congress Steps into the Shoes of BJP in Madhya Pradesh!

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While the BJP has been leading the last 4-5 years with their Gau-Mata Bachao, Vote Batero program, it appears as if it’s the Congress who is now stepping into the same shoes too.

Kamal Nath, the Congress CM of Madhya Pradesh has now announced that his Govt will be making 1000 Gaushalas in the next 6 months in Madhya Pradesh.

I remember a time, when it was BJP who was making such statements and people on social media were ripping them apart.

What is however, amusing to notice is that the same people who were totally against the Government making Cow its single point agenda are now quite okay with this if the Congress does it.

Gone are the slogans of, “Oh so the welfare of a Cow is more important than the welfare of a Woman?”

Gone are the signboards and memes which said, “It is safer to be a Cow in India than being a Woman”

These arguments have now been replaced by “How stray cattle on the roads are a growing menace?”

The argument now used is, “How are we going to curb the cattle menace when we can’t slaughter the cows?”

Suddenly it appears as if Stray Cattle Menace is the only problem that India is facing at the moment. If you read these comments and close your eyes, you will end up having nightmares of being attacked by a stampede of cattle as soon as you step out of the house.

They also keep asking, “What is the solution? What is the solution?”

For those who don’t know, in Madhya Pradesh, Cattle Slaughter Ban is enforced in accordance with The Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act of 1959.


An Act which can be changed by the State Government and conditional slaughter of Cows or other bovine animals can be allowed as it is allowed in states like Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tamil Nadu to mention a few.

The May 2017 ban on sale or purchase of cattle for slaughter brought in by the BJP has already been suspended in June 2017 by the Supreme Court.

So those giving arguments as to what is the solution can perhaps seek a solution from the above mentioned provisions, if not by simply amending the State Law which poses as the reason for this stray cattle menace.

Then there are arguments about the humanity angle that prevents one from slaughtering the Cows. If that is the case, then a “Stray Cow” is the same as any stray animal, so the question is, why aren’t shelters made for all stray animals on the expense of the State Ex-Chequer? Why don’t we urge the Government to go for Dog Shelters and Goat Shelters and Cat Shelters? What makes a Cow so special, other than the religious angle which is associated with it that helps the Vote-Seekers peddle a soft Hindutva agenda to woo the swing votes in their favor in the Hindi heartlands, specifically?

While I am not surprised at the political parties trying to play this Cow-Cow game for electoral gains, I am definitely tickled by the resolute defense of their supporters who now find them on the side of the Cows-Protection, which they themselves were deriding till a few months back.

While I understand the reason for Congress to use the soft Hindutva tactics, I am unable to comprehend the hypocrisy of those who are finding reasons to justify the actions of their Party while dismissing the similar actions of their opponents.

Meanwhile, the only thing that hasn’t changed is this: If you objected to BJP’s Gau Mata agenda, you were labelled an Anti-National. If you object to the Congress’s Gau Mata agenda, you are labelled a Sanghi/BJP supporter.

All said and done, the Cow is definitely going to remain a vote earner in India and that is one animal which does not need to worry about herself, even as we move further and further away from the original concept of Secularism.

Ofcourse, it’s still safer to be a Cow in India than a Woman 😉

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: Looking forward to the certificates of Sanghi/Jaat Sanghi/BJP Bhakt/AAPtard. I will add them to my certificates of Anti-National/Sickular/Khangresi. A humble request however to send me to km Europe or US though, I already have enough offers to go to Pakistan

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