15 Political Cartoons On Gau Rakshaks, Cow Politics & Dalit Vote Bank!

Everybody is angry on Gau Rakshaks these days for beating and threatening Dalits including Narendra Modi and RSS. Condemning the Una incident, Narendra Modi in two of his speeches even termed these gau rakshaks as fake. 

Though Narendra Modi, BJP and even RSS has condemned these attacks, the political cartoonist couldn’t stop themselves from sketching the entire story with their pen. 

Here we share the entire story of Cow, and cow protectors through India’s finest political cartoonists:

Gau Rakshaks Hit the Dalits and they Try to Seek Help from the Government’s App via the Digital India Campaign


Image Source: @ManjulToons via Twitter

If You Want to Shoot Anyone, Shoot Me, Not My Dalit Brothers ~ Narendra Modi


Image Source: @OmThanvi via Twitter


Image Source: @ManjulToons via Twitter


Image Source: Mind The News Network

Fake Gau Rakshaks



Image Source: @SatishAcharya via Twitter

Narendra Modi Vs Gau Rakshak

Ahead of the UP Elections 2017, both, Narendra Modi and BJP aren’t in a mood to agitate the already agitated Dalits who have been protesting against him all over Gujarat.


This is the reason why Modi is venting out his anger on Gau Rakshak



Though he said nothing during the Dadri lynching episode where a man was killed by these so called cow protectors. 


Change in Revolution: Then and Now


Image Source: @ManojKureel via Twitter

Vote Bank Politics: Woo the Dalits


Image Source: @ManojKureel via Twitter

Target the Dalit Votes for the upcoming UP Assembly Elections 2016 now that there is a chance



Image Source: @SatishAcharya via Twitter

Meanwhile, the Cows at the Gau Shala

All the gau rakshak have failed to protect the cows that have been dying in the government gau shalas across India while they scare the Dalits for skinning the dead cows in Gujarat’s Una district.


Courtsey: Manjul Toons Satish Acharya Manoj Kureel

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