Awesome Places Around The World To Go Fishing This Year

For those who love to fish, there are few better ways to spend your vacation time than to head off to a far-out corner of the World to enjoy some adventurous and altogether different type of fishing. The only question will be where you will go and who with and we have put together a list of some of the finest fishing spots on Earth where you can indulge in your most loved hobby.

Whichever type of fish it is that you are looking to snag, we think we’ve covered all bases here with our World list so pick up your gear and let’s go.

Uma River, Russia

For salmon lovers there is nowhere better on the planet to go than the Umba River in Russia’s Kola peninsula. May is the best time of the year to go and catch what are considered to be the flattest and finest Atlantic salmon that there is and you will be joining a large group of avid fisherfolk looking to catch these beautiful salmon.

The season runs from May-October and the rules are catch and release only.


Miami is not just a tourist hotspot where you can enjoy sun, sea and sand but it also provides those who love to fish with a great opportunity to get out in the ocean and snag some prizes.

It is worth using a recommended Miami fishing outfit to take you on the seas so that you can be shown the very best locations to find deep-sea fish such as tuna, grouper, amberjack, snapper and eve mahimahi if you are lucky. Miami gives you great fishing opportunities as well as a glorious destination to pass your vacations.

Amazon Basin, Brazil

If you really want to get serious then head down to Brazil’s Amazon Basin in search of the piranha fish. Manaus is set high in the north of Brazil and at the mouth of the incredible River Amazon, here is where you will find the fish with the dangerous reputation.

Searching for the piranha is best done via a local tour and the best time of year to go is during July to October when the fish are most populous, and most hungry to catch your bait, be careful though, their razor-sharp teeth can cut through wires with ease.

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Cairns, Australia

Each year thousands flock to the Australian coastline in search of the elusive black marlin, an incredible fish which can swim up to 130km per hour and can weigh up to a whopping 750kg. Only the brave will make it here and if you are an avid game fisher then maybe you will have what it takes to land the big prize.

The fish can be found all across the swooping coastline between Lizard Island and Cairns and if you want to get involved then September to December is when you should be going. Marlin season is short but you will never have a better opportunity to catch one than on Australia’s coastline.

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