Understanding PUBG Mobile Map: Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

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So, you have heard a lot about PUBG (Player’s Unknown BattleGround) from your friends and have downloaded the game to try it out for yourself. However, before you announce it to your friends that you too are playing the game, I’m sure you would not want to look like a clueless noob.

Now that, you are trying to figure out how to play and get started in PUBG Mobile, let me tell you in order to master the basics, you will have to well verse yourself with the PUBG Mobile map. Here we share some basic and simple tips and tricks that will not only help you understand the map but also advance the game easily –

Understanding the Map in PUBG Game as a Beginner

When you start the game, you will find the map on the top right-hand corner of the mobile. This is the mini map. Once, you click you get the large map. Both the maps are important aspects of the mobile game. In fact, how you use the map to your maximum advantage is what decides your future in the game.

From how and where to jump from the parachute to how to advance in the game, know how to use the PUBG map to survive in the Player’s Unknown Battleground –

How to Look into the Map and Jump from the Parachute in PUBG Game?

Before you jump, watch the map and see where the plane is heading to (The white line lets you know the direction). Choose the best place to land – somewhere close to the highlighted place in the map so that you can get your supplies easily.

Make sure when you jump, you jump on the land and not in water. In case you feel that you might jump in water make sure you use the joystick (the one at the bottom left) in the direction that directs you and your parachute towards the land.

Watch Out the White Circle in the PUBG Mobile Map

No matter where in the map you are, ensure that you run towards the white circle once you get your supplies instead of running randomly here and there. Staying in the white circle is the ultimate trick as it gets smaller and smaller with time. You get to see the white map when you open the map.

Even in the mini map, you get to see the dotted white line. Run in this direction.

Avoid the Restricted Blue Line You See in the Map of PUBG Game

You will lose all your health if you get stuck outside the restricted area i.e. the blue line. So, ensure that you are way ahead the blue circle by keeping a tab on it in the map. If you are within the white circle, you will definitely be inside the blue circle as well because blue circle encloses the white circle from outside.

The Importance of Mini Map in PubG Mobile Game

For Red Footsteps – The red footsteps in the mini map is an indicator of an enemy. Once you see this red footprint, get ready to attack or defend yourself from that direction.

For Red Wheel – The red wheel you see in the mini map is the enemy’s vehicle that is all set to hit you and run away. The moment you see this sign, make sure you either attack or get away from the speeding vehicle that is all set to end your life instantly.

The sooner you master the PubG Mobile Map (which isn’t difficult at all), you’ll easily get your hands at the game and it won’t take much time for you to enjoy the feast of Chicken dinner.

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