5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

From traditional TV commercials from the 60s to today’s social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, videos have proven to be a classic marketing strategy to entice more people. They are efficient and convenient to the consumer as the message is passed to them in an interactive, entertaining way. 

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Marketers have, in turn, also appreciated the word of video marketing as it is a leading conversation method. According to statistics from Orbelo, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI their videos made online. 

Few might still have their reservations on why they should include video marketing strategies in their promotion toolbox. Before plummeting your business by ignoring this strategy, take a look at our top 5 reasons why your company needs a video marketing strategy.

1. Videos improve client engagement.

Artificial intelligence has made a substantive impact on the marketing world over the last couple of years. However, this still has its challenges. It becomes challenging to humanize a brand when everything else is computerized. Plain texts are limited to reading, which may not appeal to many individuals. Prospects want to hear and see the human side of the brand. Furthermore, videos make it easy to understand and internalize the message.

You can have a short clip that is entertaining enough to grab the viewer’s attention as you let your brand known in the process. The right video marketing agency will help you identify what the consumers love to see, and they will help you create a compelling video for marketing your company.

2. Tap into the time of mobile users

With the growth of social media and video sharing platforms such as YouTube, many marketers are gradually shifting gears in that direction. Research has it that close to 90% of buyers watch a video first from their mobile phones before making a purchase. With the number of social media users rising each year, it is high time all companies took that marketing route.

3. Videos drive organic traffic.

Cisco projects that by 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be generated through videos. For starters, Google owns YouTube, so the better your video performs, the more traffic you are likely to receive on your site. Having videos embedded in your website is also a plus as long as they are also Search Engine Optimized. Very few searchers on Google go past the first page when conducting research, so you ought to do all that it takes to get on that page.

4. Build trust with clients

It is hard to win over a client who only sees your plain text marketing. You ought to have a video, even if it is a short 10-second video clip explaining about your brand and why someone should get into business with you. Doing so creates a long-lasting relationship with them. This is because videos have the power to elicit emotion from viewers within the first few seconds they view it.

5. A high rate of social shares

If you are creative enough, you can make entertaining videos that can go viral. People are more likely to share videos with their friends, unlike plain text or even pictures. That way, your brand’s identity spreads far and wide.

Over to You

It is not late yet to begin having the best video marketing strategies for your brand. Stay ahead of the competition by contacting a reputable video marketing agency in Australia and get ready to cash in from the returns.

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