Top 5 Sales Techniques for Entrepreneurs from Experts on How to Sell Anything to Anyone

sales techniques for entrepreneurs

As we cross the threshold of hyper competition, how we sell has become as important as the quality of what we are selling. There is barely any sector that isn’t bombarding new products and services and often times being outcompeted and not able to maintain the cash flow is what fails most entrepreneurs. Closing deals is what takes off the company from the ground and keep the company on track.

Here we share top sales techniques for entrepreneurs shared by successful business owners and startup founders.

Communicate Effectively

Have you ever noticed print ads? They have very little space and yet they communicate so effectively. This is the reason why many business founders look for books beyond the business section especially on writing to seek ways on communicating better.  The best entrepreneurs you will ever meet are all good communicators. It is one of the very few unifying factors amongst them and practice is the only way they are getting better and better at communicating.

Practicing communicating through written words is powerful. After all, ‘writing’ is thought crystallized on the paper that can be even reviewed later. Next, take time to study good direct response ads and make swipe files. Any time you buy something, identify the phone call, the print ad, the offer and the real trigger that made you take the decision of buying this one product/service while rejecting the others.

Tim Feriss, the American investor, entrepreneur and author rightly mentions that, everything that works in sales has been done already. You do not need to re-invent the wheel. All you have to do is keep the track of the things you buy and look onto the trigger points that pushed you to the edge to purchase them. Study them, apply in your business and then sell it to the people like you – it is that easy.

Apply Reverse Engineering Timely

Reverse Engineering expert Gary Vee mentions how important it is to ask your customers about their business every once in a while and trying to add more value to it. He suggests that instead of simply making your selling sticks, it is quite significant that along with your product/services, you also enquire how they are struggling in using your products/services to their level best or perhaps their biggest pain points in generating more income.

He advises that as much as it is important to sell it is significant that you ‘do not sell at all’ once in a while and make it a habit to listen to your clients and even help them going out of the business context. For instance, you know Mr. X is head over heals for his love of organic food and is finding it difficult to get it delivered at his house – how about you gifting him a pack of organic supply and then giving him a contact who can actually deliver him timely at a genuine price. Sounds like a plan?

Focus on Believers, Ignore the Atheists

One of the very critical sales techniques for entrepreneurs is to focus on people that are buying your products/services and ignore those who have huge reservations, even if they were the ‘targets’ while creating your product/service. It is rather fruitful that you fix the believers and stick to serving them than wasting your time in wooing the atheists.

It would not only be too hard to convert the atheists into your religion but it would also be quite draining. Besides, no matter how much you try to meet up to their expectation levels, they will have some or the other issue whatsoever. Moreover, there is certainly no guarantee that they will every buy your products/services, which comes to our point that it is better that you fix believers and let go off the atheists from your hook.

Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning

‘To sell more and earn more, you need to learn more, and for that you need to commit yourself to lifelong learning’ affirms Brain Tracy, motivational public speaker known for training and developing entrepreneurs and organizations. Rightly said, unless and until you continually learn and read in and about your field on a regular basis, it is difficult to acquire that winning edge and extraordinary success that you are looking for – Leaders are after all great readers.

Read books, listen to podcasts, attend seminars, keep leveraging your knowledge and never forget the fact that the most valuable asset you will ever have, will always be your mind. The more knowledge you acquire that can be applied to practical purposes, the greater will be your rewards and more will you be paid. The quality of your thinking will always determine the quality of your sales and thereby your successful entrepreneurial career.

Consultative Selling – Ask Questions

The best type of business selling is consultative selling where you do not sit with someone and talk about your products. Instead, you sit down, be empathetic and ask questions to the other person regarding their problems. Questions such as what are the issues they are facing, how would they like to overcome their challenges, and coming up with solutions to fix their problems can led to sales almost immediately.

Interestingly, at that very moment, you are selling solutions to fix their problem and not really selling your products/services. The best of the best entrepreneurs are the people that say, look, my product cannot really fix your problem but let me connect you to someone who can, and these are the people that actually wins the trust and a life long connection. So, learning consultative selling and how to do it rightly is a very significant sales strategy for entrepreneurs.

Lastly, I would like to add one more important point and that is, never ever try to sell a product/service that you yourself wouldn’t buy. What are your expert sales techniques for entrepreneurs – do share with us in the comment section.

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